To call a DreadBall Xtreme pitch hazardous is to state the obvious. Many games in the underground leagues are played in environments that are unstable or dangerous, not to mention the explosive devices and vicious players on the pitch, too. The Atkas Belt, however, takes this to a whole new…xtreme.


In order to facilitate the mining of the asteroid field, the Gorsch Corporation installed astro-lassos. These are small, complicated thruster banks that gently alter the rock’s trajectories to keep fragments close to each other, without impacting. Then some bright spark set up a DreadBall pitch on them.

An Atlas Belt game is played using the DreadBall Xtreme Modular pitch tiles. Each tile represents and asteroid and players have limited movement between them. There are strike zones and benches, as with any other DreadBall game, but things get a little rocky when players start to mess with the astro-lassos.

They can be slammed, in a simlar way to a player, but each time a point of damage is scored, the effect is random. The asteroid can rotate (literally turn the pitch tile and everyone on it!), drop suddenly or even lose it’s power and drift off completely. Each time this happens the players, strike zones and ball all move with the asteroid.  Players can be knocked over or thrown about by the gravitational effects. If that wasn’t dangerous enough, players can also be pushed off the asteroid completely – left to drift away into space.

The Atlas Belt’s associated MVP is just as unpredicatble and the games played on them.


Slalalran Vesh, aka “Big Slick” is a member of the viscous Oozer race. He is a show off and an attention seeker and he has a great love for humans – particularly the females of the species. During play, he is known for swallowing entire players into his plasma body – later regurgitataing them onto the pitch  as a digusting display.

His is available as a finely detailed metal miniature, part of the Hazard System Heroes MVP pack. The pack contains a number of additional MVPs found in the challenge cup, including Kreed, Gemini and Eclipse.

DreadBall: The Challenge Cup and Hazard System Heroes are available to pre-order now and will begin shipping at the end of January! The Modular Pitch tiles can be found in the Xtreme Xpansion, which is available now!


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