Welcome to our Christmas Blogs! Over the next few days, we’re going to be keeping you updated about what’s coming up for all your favourite Mantic products. Just in case you missed Ronnie’s opener, here are the dates to mark in your calendar.

  • December 26th – review of the year by Ronnie
  • December 27th – Vanguard in 2021 (that’s what you’re reading now!)
  • December 28th – what’s coming up from Winged Hussar
  • December 29th – Brush with Death 2021
  • December 30th – Kings of War in 2021
  • December 31st – The Walking Dead in 2021
  • January 1st – Armada in 2021
  • January 2nd – DreadBall in 2021
  • January 3rd – sci-fi in 2021
  • January 4th – Hellboy in 2021

As you can see it’s a packed schedule, so make sure you tune in every day for sneak peeks, hot off the press information and more!


Despite a real-life pandemic, we still managed to release a new wave for The Walking Dead in 2020. The Whisperers were exceptionally well received and offered a totally new way to play both Call to Arms and All Out War.

The Walking Dead RC also put together the fantastic No One Stands Alone expansion. This FREE download lets you pit your wits against a virtual opponent, thanks to some simple AI rules. You can download that here.


So, what about 2021 then? Well, we were hoping to be able to show you some new miniatures but, unfortunately, they’re not quite ready. However, we can tell you that the next planned wave for The Walking Dead will be The Kingdom.

This will be quite a different faction for Call to Arms and All Out War because a lot of the survivors are mounted on horseback. So, you can expect plenty of special rules and new ways to play.

There will be four named Kingdom characters, including Richard, Benjamin, Taylor and Gus, plus a couple of unnamed Kingdom guards to bulk out your faction.

We’re also planning some new scenarios too, including one starring everyone’s favourite Walker-eating tiger, Shiva! As you can see, there’s plenty to get excited about for The Walking Dead in 2021 and there’s always the chance we might have some surprises up our sleeve too!

Finally, a quick note about re-stocks. 2020 has proved a challenging year to keep all the waves in stock but we’re hoping to have all waves, including the Whisperers, back in stock shortly. Keep an eye on social media and the newsletter to find out when.

Welcome to No-One Stands Alone, a solo play expansion which uses your collection of The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures to simulate a Player vs Player battle using a new AI system to command the opposing Survivor group.

This expansion builds upon the rules set out in Prelude to Woodbury and introduces rules for battling an opposing team of Survivors to your solo games. The opposing team can be set up exactly as if you were playing a PvP game of All Out War, using basic AI to determine how the opponent’s Survivors will behave.


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