Yesterday we looked at the existing units that will be evolving in Clash of Kings 2018. Today we’re looking at the brand new entries making their appearance in the supplement.

When it came to creating the new units, we looked at several different aspects:

  • Was there a unit that we felt was missing from an army?
  • Was there an existing unit that we felt could be improved with an alternate version?
  • Was there a miniature we currently produce that didn’t have stats?

One of the first things we looked at were some of the new miniatures we produced towards the end of last year: the Steel Behemoth, Greater Fire Elemental and Revenant King on Undead Wyrm.

These kits were so great that we felt they needed their own Living Legend versions. So, step up to the plate: Golloch’s Fury: Legendary Steel Behemoth, Agnih-Bhanu, Greater Fire Elemental (can be taken in Forces of Nature and Salamander armies), and Apaphys, Champion of Death (can be taken in Undead and Empire of Dust armies). You can see a sneak peek of the Steel Behemoth below:

Alongside this we also reviewed miniatures that we currently produce but don’t have stats available. This led to the creation of new units like Gur Panthers for the Basileans, Mastiff Hunting Pack for Dwarfs, Taskmaster: Slave Driver on Chariot, etc. You can see the new Absyssal Dwarf units below:

Another element was to identify any units we felt were missing from an army and create stats for those. This was mainly applicable to the Orcs. After discussion we felt there was room for a less powerful Krudger. This led to the creation of the Krusher, who would act as the Krudger’s right hand orc.

Finally to give you an idea of how many new units are being introduced in Clash of Kings 2018, you can see a list below:

BASILEA – Paladin Defenders and Gur Panthers

DWARFS – Mastiff Hunting Pack and Golloch’s Fury: Legendary Steel Behemoth

ELVES – The Windborne: Legendary Silverbreeze Cavalry, Tyradion Dragonlord and Battlecats

FORCES OF NATURE – Woodland Critters and Agnih-Bhanu, Greater Fire Elemental (can also be taken by Salamanders)

OGRES – Red Goblin Rabble, Red Goblin Sharpsticks and Boomer Chariots

ABYSSAL DWARFS – Mutated Mastiff Hunting Pack and Taskmaster: Slave Driver on Chariot

GOBLINS – Goblin Mega Blaster and Grogger’s Great Lobber

ORCS – Krusher and Longax

TRIDENT REALM OF NERITICA – Nak-ushi Wyrmrider Commander

UNDEAD – Apaphys, Champion of Death (can also be taken by Empire of Dust) and Deathpack

VARANGUR – Magnilde of the Fallen

MERCENARIES – Blaine, Ronaldo the Bard and Funny Bone

The Clash of Kings supplement is available to order now and will be in local gaming stores from 22nd January.


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