Welcome to the first of our blogs detailing the new Clash of Kings supplement. During the course of this week, we’ll be going into more detail about the book. We’ll be investigating the new units, reviewing the formations, and interviewing the editor Matt Gilbert.

On today’s blog, we are running through some of the changes to existing units. Each year the Kings of War Rules Committee does a fantastic job of watching the meta around the world. Using results and army lists from tournaments throughout the year, they can spot the telltale signs that a unit is under or overpowered.

With this in mind for 2018, the Rules Committee has amended a large number of units (certainly a lot more than the previous edition). The units affected include:

Forces of Basilea – Sisterhood Panther Chariot and Abbess on Panther Chariot

Brotherhood – all units with the Inspiring special rule also gain the Valiant special rule

Dwarfs – Bulwarkers and Steel Behemoth

Elves – War Chariots and Noble War Chariot

Salamanders – Clan Lord, Clan Lord on Fire Drake, Fire Drake, Kaisenor Lancers, Tyrants, Ghekkotah Skyraiders and Battle-Captain

Forces of Nature – Naiad Heartpiercers and Sylph Talonriders

The Herd – Giant Eagles, Stampede, Harpies, Tribal Chariots and Great Chieftain on Chariot

Kingdoms of Men – Charioteers

League of Rhordia – Honour Guard and Halfling Iron Beast

Ogres – Chariots, Warlord, Captain & Army Standard Chariot Upgrades and Boomer Sergeant

Trident Realm (quite a lot for this army) – Riverguard, Riverguard Captain, Nokken, Depth Horror Eternal, Depth Horrors, Naiad Heartpiercers, Thuul, Thuul Mythican, Kraken, Siren [1] and Trident King [1]

Abyssal Dwarfs – Slave Orcs

Empire of Dust – Ahmunite Pharoah, Revenant Chariots and Ahmunite Pharoah on Royal Chariot

Forces of the Abyss – Molochs and Tortured Souls

Goblins – Mawbeast Pack, War-Trombone, Fleabag Chariots and King on Chariot

Night-stalkers – Fiends, Mindscreech and Terror

Orcs – Fightwagons, Morax, Krudger, Krudger on Slasher, Krudger on Gore Chariot, Gakamak [1], Godspeaker and Gore Chariots

Ratkin – Hackpaws and Death Engine

Twilight Kin – Darkscythe Chariots

Undead – Pharaoh and Vampire

Varangur – Gift of Korgaan, Fallen and Herja of the Fallen has now been replaced by Magnilde of the Fallen

Gargoyles – these have been updated in the Abyssal Dwarf, Forces of the Abyss and Twilight Kin lists

Of course, you’ll have to pick up the book to see the exact rules changes to each of these units. However, this should give you a good idea about the extent of the tweaks in Clash of Kings 2018.

The sorts of changes you’ll find are increases or decrease to nerve values (for example, the Fleabag Chariot regiments now have 11/13 nerve), new special rules (Slave Orcs gain the Vicious rule), speed increases (Gore Chariots are now speed 8), etc. We’re confident that these rule changes will ensure Kings of War remains competitive (and fun) throughout 2018.

So, there you have a very quick run down of the units that are being changed in Clash of Kings 2018. Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the new units that are being introduced.

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