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UK Clash of Kings 2020 – Regional Qualifier Events

8th Oct 2019

Martin Thirlwell

Hi Martin here.

We are most of the way through another fantastic year of Kings of War gaming and last week we hosted Clash of Kings UK 2019 and what a huge success it was. Part of that success was offering regional qualifiers to some of the brilliant tournament organisers throughout the year, with the reward being a complimentary ticket for their champion to attend the main event. We are looking to grow these partnerships so I am happy to announce the UK regional and feeder events for 2020.

The prize is the highest placed Mantic army at the qualifier gets a complimentary ticket to Clash of Kings 2020 at Firestorm Games, Cardiff. *


  • London – March 8th – Erit Bellum II – Franticon – Dark Sphere, London
  • Scotland – March 21st and 22nd – King beyond the wall 7: The Wild – Common Ground Games, Stirling
  • Midlands – 2nd May – Summer Offensive – Black Dragon Miniatures, Hinkley
  • North – 6th and 7th June – Northern Kings GT 2020 – Element Games, Stockport.
  • South East – 13th June – Jack of Herts 4: School Fundraiser – Aycliffe Drive Primary School
  • South West and Wales – 25th and 26th July – South West Clash 4 – Bristol Independent Gaming
  • Battle Masters 2020 – 22nd August – VC Games Presents – Midlands – Loughborough RFC


Further to the qualifiers in the UK we have also linked in with some international TO’s and there will be three events with the CoK ticket prize. We are still working on the details but as follows:

  • Spain – 22nd February – Hispania Wargames – Malaga
  • Germany – 19th and 20th September – Privateer Poza Boyz – Cologne
  • Italy – 16th and 17th Nov 2019 – Torneo Nazionale Kings of War – Casa Dei Giochi

And of course we will have our Clash of Kings 2020 Adepticon winner too, so next year is promising to be a truly global affair!

Good luck to all those attending Kings of War Third Edition events over the next 12 months and I hope to see you in Cardiff!


PS. Tickets are selling quick. And yes of course if you buy one and win a qualifier, you get a refund 🙂

*Please Note that the prize is for a complimentary ticket for the 2020 Clash of Kings tournament. It does not include travel or accommodation.

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