Note – These are just a handful of the photos we took from the event – you can check them all out on the Mantic Facebook page!

What a blast!

Over the weekend Ronnie, Alessio and the Mantic team headed over to Marauder Games in Stockport for our Clash of Kings tournament. Despite the snow, players from across the UK (and even some from Spain) joined us to pit their Kings of War armies against each other for an incredible £1000 prize! The results were decided by six tough games over the two days…

None of the guys let the pressure show

The atmosphere was fantastic – everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves with banter and laughs exchanged across the tables all day. Almost everyone stuck around for the evening for a Q&A session with Ronnie and Alessio followed by a great evening of casual gaming.

There was a good mix of races, with all but one represented in the tournament, a testament to the balance of the game. The unit choices were also very balanced, with a lot of variation in the armies – there were no two the same. Right up to the last game the winner was still undecided – it all became very tense around the top few tables. However, there was one player who was consistent throughout, a player who truly earned his prize. Without further ado, the results:

1st place £1000 Daniel King – Undead

2nd place £350 Chris Tamplin – Undead

3rd place £150 Chris Nicholls – Goblins

Congratulations to all of you!

Of course, the winners were not our only consistent players. One player was consistently rather awful, so a special mention must go to the gracious winner of the wooden spoon :-).

Last place Jonathan Peace – Undead

Jonathan was given a Warpath Forge Father Army as a prize – not that we’re suggesting he should try another game…

Having painted four of the armies at the tournament, Matt’s own Elf Army took best painted and will be featured in the next edition of the rulebook.

As our first major tournament we’ve learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t so we’ll be taking these lessons on board as we prepare to do it all again in the states in April (if you haven’t already, book your tickets here!) and we’ll be bringing Clash of Kings back to the UK again next year – and of course, the Trolls, Ogres, Humans, Angels and Werewolves will be out be then as well!

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