Like the inevitable rise and fall of the sun, we’re back with another weekly community update. This is THE opportunity to claim the bragging rights among your friends for having your hobby project featured on the illustrious Mantic website.

In thousands of years when cats have eventually taken over the world and are digging through the rubbish of humanity to use as cat litter. They will discover an old, dusty laptop that (bizarrely) still manages to work. Using the opposable thumbs they evolved after a freak nuclear cat nip incident they will switch on the laptop and, amazingly, it will boot up.

The screen is locked on the Mantic website and, shock horror, it shows the community update from August 4th, 2020. The cats will worship the miniatures as their new gods and the names below will forever go into the cat history books. Say hello to the new gods of Cat Earth…

We commence proceedings with Richard Luke and this very tasty regiment of paladins for Kings of War. Richard wanted to create the image of them running through the arch, ready to smite their foes with righteous fury.

Continuing with Kings of War and Kyle from Mantic has been busy with his Twilight Kin project as part of the Painters of Pannithor initiative. You can read more about that on last week’s blog right here.

What’s that? You want more Kings of War? Well, who are we to ignore the demands of the thousands of people that read this blog each week. Take a look at this fantastic Goblin Slasher from Mat Green. Mat is wonderful because he – quite rightly – publicly admits goblins are the best army.

Ok, one more Kings of War unit and then we really just move on. But it’s definitely worth it! Here are some Ogre Berserker Braves by Tim Erlandson. The tribal paint on these is spot on. Well done Tim.

Moving to Deadzone and Mich Cie has painted these Enforcers for his friend. That’s right, they’re not even for Mich. Imagine having a friend like Mich – you’d be so lucky and would feel special each and every day. YOU HEAR THAT MICH’S FRIEND! Make sure you appreciate these wonderful miniatures and buy Mich a pint or somthing.

As a bonus from Mich, take a look at the Forge Fathers painted by his son. These were the first Deadzone minis he has painted and they look awesome. We don’t know how old Mich’s son is (he could be 26) but for the sake of making this achievement seem even more awesome, we’re going to say he’s *plucks age out of the air* eight-years-old. Let’s hope he isn’t 26.

Staying with Deadzone and Marijn Bierhof‎ is preparing for the release of the Matsudan Faction Starter by painting up Ota Sora from Terror in the Deep. It’s a nice contrast to the red in the studio paint scheme. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Switching gears and we’re taking a trip to Hilltop for Duncan Patten’s really rather great Maggie. The skintones are very nicely done, not only on Maggie but the Walkers too.

While we’re talking Walking Dead, we just had to mention this amazing Rick on Horse by Henrik Johnsson. Henrik has been uploading plenty of amazing paintjobs at the moment, but this is stunning.

Finally just to prove that I (Rob) am doing something, here are my two work in progress goblin rabble hordes. The end is (finally) in sight… just some more green highlights to go, then teeth, oh and the eyes, plus tongues… and then any potential touch ups/extra highlights. Then the bases…

See you next week!

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