Hello folks! It’s your absolute favourite time of the week… no, not the weekend when you don’t have work to do. It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for the Community Round-up. Cue rounds of applause and copious cheering.

Despite the fact that lockdown is easing in many areas, the hobby output around the world continues to be strong (apart from at Mantic Towers this week, it appears). We love spending time going through the various Mantic groups and social media posts to find interesting community projects. It genuinely is the highlight of our week.

So, let’s crack on with the selection this week. It’s over to the community…

We start with Tomasz Miszczuk‎’s absolutely stunning Horned Hellboy. This was a Kickstarter Exclusive and we’re blown away by Tomasz’s paint job. The Mignola-style base is a nice touch too. This was the only mini we could find by Tomasz but we hope he’s working on more.

Continuing the comic book theme now with Marjin Bierhof’s take on Howard Abernathy from The Walking Dead. This is just * chef’s kiss * Marjin’s been busy painting plenty of Walking Dead at the moment and we eagerly await each update. Keep up the good work!

Another Walking Dead update and this time it’s from Raymond Usher. At first it may look like a random selection of a Walkers, which is cool. However, take a look at the paint jobs and you’ll see some pop culture references among the Walkers. We won’t spoil them all here but see how many you can spot.

It’s a Walking Dead-heavy round-up this week. We’ve featured Laurie Sawers’ Walkers before but he’s back with a new batch. The realistic tones are great and the bloody hands/mouth are particularly gruesome.

Finally on the topic of The Walking Dead, we’ve got an amazing shot by Adam Pulman. We chose this pic because it demonstrates just how beautiful the game looks with themed terrain. We’d love to play on this table.

Moving onto Deadzone now and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the completion of Mich Cie’s Veer-myn Strike Team. Mich has been posting progress updates over the past few weeks. The finished result is great and the bases are a real highlight. Nice work Mich!

Meanwhile, over in Kings of War Fanatics, Trevor Raymond showed off his finished Phoenix. What really caught the eye on this one were the almost realistic features on the more bird-like portion of the Phoenix.

Meanwhile over at Mantic…

Nothing! Come on everyone – you need to try harder.

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