We’re back for another hotly anticipated community round-up! With real-life continuing to prove a challenge, it’s nice to find comfort in the warm embrace of the Mantic community. Come here, let’s all have a big cuddle. There, there, it’s ok… minis make things better. Who would have thought a Deadzone terrorised by the plague would prove such a blessed relief?

Anyway, before we get all teary-eyed, let’s crack on with a brief but still enjoyable community round-up.

We start with ‘Bloodbeard’s Garage’ and his Orc Godspeaker. “OH MY GOD IT’S ON A ROUND BASE!” We can hear the cries already. Don’t worry, there’s no ticking time bomb under Pannithor. Instead, he’s using it for a totally different game. Still, it’s nice to see such a great model making an appearance elsewhere and we’re sure he’ll realise the error of his ways shortly.

Moving swiftly on then and we thoroughly enjoyed Efren Chavez’s take on Ferguson, the DreadBall Coach. There’s plenty of character in the coaches, so it’s nice to see one being given such a superb splash of paint.

Staying in the far flung future, we spotted this neat group of Plague Stage 3As by Juancho Bernabeu. There’s been a real surge in interest in Deadzone recently and the Fanatics group has been super busy.

Also on the Deadzone front, we’ve got Dan Bar’s tester for his Asterian Marionettes. Interestingly since the announcement of the Spectra, there’s been a big pick-up in the number of Asterian Strike Teams. Can’t wait to see the finished result. Dan also posted a guide to how he painted it too.

“Primed in Army Painter Skeleton Bone then Contrast Akhelian Green all over. Then details picked out.”

Sounds nice and easy!

Elsewhere we got a real kick from Richard Martin’s Disney-inspired Forces of the Abyss Vanguard warband. Richard has previously made a Frozen-themed Northern Alliance warband, so thought it was time to have some villains. Can you spot all the film references? There are some more pics over on Vanguard Fanatics.

Meanwhile, the Hellboy Fanatics group has been busy recently and we spotted this nice work on Abe and Hellboy, with some cool Mignola-style bases. Excellent work Dave Higgins.

Finally, huge congratulations goes to Jean-Marc Dtn, who has finished painting his entire Hellboy collection! That’s an incredible achievement. And you’re just in time to paint [redacted] when [redacted] gets [redacted].

There are no updates from the Mantic crew this week because they’re all a big bunch of slackers :p

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