We’re back with another Community Round-up! Each week we scour the many Facebook groups and social media to find some cool hobby projects that catch our eye.

To be honest, it’s becoming harder and harder to just select a handful of hobby projects each week! The one positive about being in lockdown, is that we’re seeing so many awesome paint jobs or projects. So, don’t worry if your sweet paintjob hasn’t been chosen this week – it just means we were running out of space. Plus, there’s always the chance Steve Hildrew will save the day by including it on his weekly Death by Dragons round-up on Friday. No pressure Steve but we’re ALL counting on you.

Anyway, enough yammering, let’s take a look at this week’s inspirational hobbying. Over to the community…

We start with something a little different. Dave Carlton’s made this interesting diorama featuring some brave elves fending off a bunch of undead attackers. Nice!

Carrying on the Kings of War theme, Lee Reynolds is here with his first painted Abyssal Dwarf. If they’re all painted like this, then we can’t wait to see the rest. He’s also nicely protected behind that wall – def 6+!

A little more Kings of War now with this absolutely cracking Undead Revenant Cavalry by John Binham. This is another unit we can’t wait to see once finished. Just look at the detail on that undead horse. Stunning!

Moving on to the Walking Dead now and this is a great finish on Brian by Henrik Johnson. However, we particularly liked the Young Ones poster in the background. A little YouTube refresher for those who may not know about the Young Ones.

Also from The Walking Dead Fanatics group comes this suitably gruesome selection of Walkers by Laurie Sawers. Even Walker Ronnie has managed to sneak his way into the pack.

Meanwhile, in the far flung future of the GCPS comes this Nemion Oceanics team from Patrick Lefèvre. That body armour really catches the eye… much better than the Veer-myn catch the ball.

Over on Deadzone Fanatics and the Blackjack Legacy Tabletop Gaming Group there have been lots of people starting off their Strike Team as part of the 150pts Strike Team challenge. First up is Deke the Enforcer by Thore Mießen, here to enforce social distancing with a smile. “Have a good day… BLAM!”

We also really like the purple theme on Matthew Wilkinson’s Veer-myn strike team. Very cool and something a bit different.

Another interesting colour scheme was this Forge Guard by John Binham… hang on, we know that name! Two mentions in one week, what a hero.

Marco Lai has also been been painting his Star Saga minis. These are looking great and it’ll be fantastic to see them on the table.

Finally from the community, we’ve got the completed Hellboy bust set by Chris Draper. These are absolutely stunning! It’s hard to pick a favourite but the finish on Abe is particularly good.

Over at Mantic and Martin is cracking on with his Abyssal Dwarfs. The latest addition is an Immortal Guardian.

Meanwhile, after saying he’d never paint a goblin horde again. Rob finished this horde of Rabble using some early test shots of the new hard plastic goblins. And after saying again that he’d never paint another goblin horde, he’s just built a horde of Spitters.

Well, that’s it for another folks. See you again next week and remember to keep tagging us in your projects.

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