Hey everyone, it’s time for the slightly sporadic but always enjoyable Community Round-up. Although it’s been a while since the last update, we always enjoy seeing your hobby projects (even if we don’t get round to sharing them on the blog) so please continue to keep posting and tagging us on social media.

We’ve got a bumper collection of projects this time, so let’s crack on!

We start with Deadzone and Carl Newbould’s fantastic Nameless Strike Team. The colour scheme is absolutely spot on with these and it’s a nice mix of the studio scheme, plus some new ideas. Tentacular!

Continuing the Nameless theme, Chris Evans (we are 100% assuming it’s the same Chris Evans that plays Captain America. ONE HUNDRED PER CENT) has completed a Goliath. Does the Goliath fit properly in a cube? Not really. Can it be shot at from everywhere on the table? Pretty much. Does it look super cool and strike fear into the hear of your opponent. Absolutely!

Finally on the Deadzone front, Marijn Bierhof has added a Kalyshi Dervish to his Asterians. The model is actually the DreadBall captain, Kailasa, but she works well in Deadzone too.

Moving onto TerrainCrate now and commission painter, Wellforged, recently completed a fantastic TerrainCrate commission. The results are fantastic and you can see the rest of the job here.

Also spotted on Twitter, was this absolutely fantastic Hellboy by Twitch streamer JanuineVision. Check out the Twitch channel here.

Onto Kings of War and prepare to pick up your jaw from the floor after seeing this amazing horde of Basilean Men at Arms by Richard Luke. The idea was to make it look like they’re defending the entrance to an ancient temple. Mission achieved!

From the courageous Basileans to the wicked Nightstalkers now. Matt Gee completed this super horde of Scarecrows recently. We particularly love the chap coming out the toilet.

Still on the Kings of War theme, Richard Stockdale (the crazy individual trying to complete a Kings of War army every month) has finally seen the light and painted the best army: goblins. One of the nicest units is this excellent Slasher. You can stop now Richard, you’ve painted the greatest army.

While we’re on the subject of monsters, Mark Latham (of Walking Dead: All Out War fame) finished this excellent dragon from Dungeon Saga: Tyrant of Halpi. We’ll forgive the fact it’s on the wrong base because the paint job is *chef’s kiss*

Something completely different now with Todd Durkin’s 3D version of the campaign mat from the All Out War expansion, Fear the Hunters.

The attention to detail on such a tiny scale is beyond impressive. Amazing work. We’d love to play on this.

Elsewhere for the Walking Dead, Henrik Johnsson has completed some minis from the Miles Behind Us expansion, along with some of the new TerrainCrate scenery. The colours really pop on all these.

Finally for this round-up, Carlos Caston has done a great job on these minis (also from Miles Behind Us). The consistency with the bases really helps to bring everything together. Nice work Carlos.

And that’s it for this round-up. We’ll hopefully be back a bit sooner next time with another collection of hobby pictures. Remember to keep tagging us on social media and hopefully we’ll be able to feature your work next time!

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