The Edge of the Abyss campaign is officially finished! Thank you to all those people who took part and over the past six weeks hundreds of Kings of War battles have taken place. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your reports and seeing the comments on social media.

What’s next?

As promised we’re now working on amending the map based on your results. This will be unveiled before the end of the year! The final result saw the Forces of Good take five out of the six locations and only the Twilight Glades fell to the Forces of Evil.

We’ll have a brief run down of what’s happening in each location below but for the full, detailed story, you can pick up the Kings of War Sourcebook, which is going to give you all the Kings of War fluff you could possibly hope for. Stay tuned for more details on that.

What’s more, there were a number of brand new characters/units created for the Edge of the Abyss. One of the next steps will be to analyse the specific results for each faction to see if these characters should live on or whether they were killed/wounded in the heat of battle. Those that do live on will have the opportunity to become Living Legends in the future (although there’s nothing stopping you using them in your battles for now) or perhaps crossover into other games.

So, without further ado, here’s a brief run down of what’s happening in each location (remember, you’ll get more details in the Kings of War Sourcebook):

Edges of the Abyss – desperate times call for desperate measures! The Thuul Mythicans and Druids have partially melted the Frozen Sea to flood the Abyss. Part of the Ogre Lands are now a gigantic inland sea, while the Abyss itself bubbles and boils the water. Steam rises like a fog from its terrible depths.

Rhyn Dufaris – the free clans of the Dwarfs fled from the Halpi Mountains, across the Cataract and into the lands of King Golloch. With the Abyssal Dwarfs hot on their heels they destroyed the Great Cataract behind them, temporarily cutting them off from their homeland.

Hokh-Man – in a great tidal wave, the Trident Realm smashed the partially assembled fleet of the Empire of Dust. The Serpent’s Mouth has been widened and the wreckage of ships floats out into the Infant Sea.

Ardovikian Plain – no one thought they could do it, but the Kingdoms of Men have built a great wall alongside the Dragon Teeth Mountains to cut off their realm from the marauders in the North. The wall itself is manned (or should that be Ogred) by Ogre Warriors. It’s time to make the Kingdoms of Men great again!

The Forest of Galahir – like a green tide, the Goblins rushed into the Forest to try and claim the ancient trees for themselves. However, even in such great numbers, the remaining Forces of Nature held them back. With the assistance of the Green Lady they’ve used ancient magic to help the forest grow even stronger and now a shield of thick, thorny trees protects the woodland from more surprise attacks.

Twilight Glades – reports from the Twilight Glades have been… intermittent. Those that have come through tell of strange beasts roaming the land, although they do not resemble Abyssals. Fearful of what may have been unleashed, a small band of Basileans has gone to investigate and dispatch any wickedness. The Hegemony is awaiting their reports with great interest.

Later this week we’ll have an update on the future of Kings of War from the main man himself, Ronnie! Once again, thank you for taking part and hope you enjoyed the experience. We’ll also be in touch with the clubs and individuals that took part in the campaign and have won some sweet prizes.

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