Hey everyone, following yesterday’s blog, which detailed all the fun we’ll be having at Mantic Night (have you got your ticket yet? If not, why not? It’s a great opportunity for drunk Ronnie to spill the beans), in today’s blog we’re detailing why all you Walking Dead fans out there should head to booth #835 the moment you arrive.


This is one of the few opportunities you’ll have in America to pick up this year’s show exclusive booster: Dale, Prison Advisor. Sadly, after an unfortunate run in with a Walker, Dale’s doing his best pirate impression. This limited edition set is always extremely popular at shows and regularly sells out at events in the UK – so you don’t want to miss out at GenCon. You can read more about Show Exclusive Dale in our previous blog.


GenCon is the first ever opportunity to play Here’s Negan: The Board Game. This co-operative but competitive experience, sees Negan’s most trusted lieutenants working to clear out the Sanctuary whilst also impressing their boss, Negan. We’ve got an exclusive demo for up to five players. Head along early to booth #835 to make sure you don’t miss your chance to play. There might even be a few spot prizes for those players who really impress Negan.


Over in the gaming room, this year we have a giant Walking Dead game called The Walking Dead: Walker Challenge. This event sees you controlling one of eight heroes competing to gather three supplies while surrounded by hordes of zombies in a free for all battle. Can you be the one get your much needed supplies and get out of the hot zone without getting bitten or shot in the back by your opponents? Also, anyone that plays the game receives a voucher to get 10% off any purchase on the Mantic booth… so even if you lose, you’re still a WINNER. There are still a limited number of places available if you want to join the Walker Challenge. Check here for details.


Looking to start your Walking Dead collection? Grab a Core set, an expansion of your choice and any 6 boosters of your choice for $150. That’s a HUUUUUUUUUGE saving of more than $60.


Want to get a closer look at the miniatures from Wave Five and grill the Mantic staff about what’s coming up next year? Well, make sure you head to booth #835 (did we mention we’re at BOOTH #835) to get a sneak peek of the Wave Five miniatures and the limited edition Governor’s Trophy Room.

So, there you have it. GenCon promises lots of treats for Walking Dead fans. Oh, and remember that if you’re heading to the Mantic Night, there will also be the opportunity to play Here’s Negan there too.

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