GenCon is almost upon us and this week we’ll be running through some of the highlights at the show. In today’s blog we’re talking about Mantic Night because this promises to be an absolute blast for Mantic fans heading to the show.

But why should you come to Mantic Night?


Well, first up attendees receive a pretty sweet goody bag, packed with items worth well over the $30 ticket price. It includes:

  • a GCPS Hornet that can be used in Warpath or makes an awesome piece of terrain for your Deadzone boards. That’s $44.99 on its own (if you’ve already bought a ticket, there was the option to choose your free vehicle, so don’t worry)
  • surprise gifts from Ironheart Artisans and Outrider Hobbies. What could they be? You’ll have to attend to find out
  • Corporation Minions for your GCPS or Mazon Labs Deadzone Strike Teams
  • FREE BOOZE… or a soft drink… but mainly FREE BOOZE

Goody bags will be handed out on the night, so you can head back to your hotel/home clutching your precious items and be the envy of your friends or passers-by in the street.


Mantic Night is the only place to try out Hellboy: The Board Game. We won’t be demoing the game on the stand, so you’ll only have one opportunity to beat up frog monsters in a spooky, old mansion. During Mantic Night we’ll be hosting the quick 20 minute demo that sees Hellboy and Abe exploring a mysterious location and facing off against the denizens of dooooooooooooooooooooooom!


Although Here’s Negan will be available to demo during the show, there will be a more relaxed opportunity at Mantic Night. You can sit down, take the weight off your feet and have a beer while clearing out the Sanctuary for everyone’s favourite baseball bat-wieldling maniac. No, not Ronnie… Negan!


We always come up with a few fun and exclusive mini games that can only be played during the Mantic Night and this year is no different. See how long you can survive in the Dungeon Bar Brawl or race to the death in the ever-popular Jetbike Racing.


Have you got a burning question you want to ask Ronnie? Ever wondered how he gets his hair so buoyant? Need to know why he has a passion for Dwarfs? Well Mantic Night is YOUR opportunity to grill the big man. During the course of the evening Ronnie will be hosting a Q&A where you can ask anything you want. Plus, if you buy him drinks, he’s more than likely to spill lots of secrets.

Plus, less important Mantic staff members, Community Pat, Martin and Rob will also be on hand to answer questions too. Could Crazy Bobby even make an appearance? Only time will tell.

So, there you have it! Mantic Night promises to be an absolute blast. It takes place:

Date: 4th August 2018

Time: (7pm) 8pm until they kick us out

Location: Hard Rock Cafe, 49 South Meridian, Indianapolis, IN 46204

You can buy your tickets here… but you better be quick because we’ll be closing ticket sales down ahead of the event.

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