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Crazy Bobby? Who’s he? Meet Cleric’s Crazy Dungeon Deals

10th May 2024

Clive Stone

Cleric here, I am the new overlord of all things Mantic Webstore, and I have been told to create some space for all the cool, and amazing things we have coming in very soon – such as DSO, new sci-fi plastics (!) and then Worms and Halo

So I have scoured our warehouse, and got some deals that would make Crazy Bobby wince and shudder! (just don’t tell Ronnie….)

I have always loved our Crazy Boxes, so with the help of the Warehouse, we’ve built several hundred randomised Sci-Fi boxes of hobby greatness and awesome value.  We’ve thrown in vehicles, Dreadball, Star Saga, Deadzone, Trees, Terrain, almost anything from our Sci-Fi collections were “acquired” for these boxes!

Each crazy box will have enough in it for at least a Deadzone strike team, a tank or vehicle for Firefight, plus tons of other goodies that will make up even more Deadzone/Firefight units, and are also great for other Sci-Fi RPGs and minis games you play.

With Dungeon Saga Origins launching this month, as a one-off I’ve also added our Terrain Crate range (Like… all of it!) to help you build up your dungeons and terrain collections – this will not be up long, so, if you really wanted a dungeon themed setup, or some great tabletop scenery now is the time to grab it!

Lastly, to celebrate the launch of DSO there are some bundles available for the new Dungeon Saga Origins game – until the launch day every copy of DSO gets a free Dice Game, and there is even a “1-Click” bundle where you get the core game, Glimmer of Greed, and the relevant Terrain Crates for those stories – at the sale price until 20th May.

So, what are you waiting for – if you are heading down for some dungeon fun, or off to the stars in a sci-fi setting grab a box of hobby goodness from Clerics Crazy Dungeon Deals!

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Dungeon Saga Origins: Core Game

Players: 1-5, Age: 10+, Duration: 60-120 minutesGenre: Co-operative Adventure Game

Dungeon Saga Origins is a sprawling adventure, full of challenging dungeon quests for you and your party. One player can take the role of the dungeon’s Overlord, or allow the game to control the movement and behaviour of your foes using a set of AI rules! Enjoy beautiful miniatures that represent your heroes and enemies, from lowly goblins to towering monsters. Dungeon Saga Origins will see your party take on the following factions in trilling narrative campaigns

  • Dungeon Saga Origins is the game of classic fantasy adventures for 1-5 players, from ages 10 and up.
  • Set in the ever-expanding fantasy setting of Pannithor, players will choose their hero and customize their abilities and equipment, before setting off on an exciting dungeon-crawling game of combat and exploration. Gameplay is intentionally fast, fun, and intuitive.
  • The game can optionally be played using the ‘Digital Overlord’ – a tool that can manage map reveals, narrate quest intros and save your game state between quests.

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Dungeon Saga Origins: Glimmer of Greed Expansion

Adventure calls again!  Glimmer of Greed is an exciting expansion for the Dungeon Saga Origins game featuring a new story to play through that introduces a host of new enemies from the dangerous Goblin faction in the world of Pannithor.  With a range of new components, new cards, and a sprinkling of new rules for the Overlord and Hero players alike it’s time to muster your favoured companions and best equipment for another heroic tale!

A New Adventure of old friends

Glimmer of Greed is designed as a follow-up storyline to the Trial of Tyranny quest found in the Dungeon Saga Origins core game.  This makes it ideal to play through using the original four characters, Danor, Madriga, Orlaf, and Rordin as a continuation of their tale!

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