So you want to start a revolution…

Disenchanted with the glitz, glamour and lies of the GCPS? Join the growing masses that have risen up in rebellion against Corporation control. Know that your numbers are few, your resources are scarce and the odds for success are slim. However, with courage, cunning and a little luck–victory just might be a possibility. Anyway, enough pep-talk, let’s get those Rebs into the Deadzone!

Starting an uprising

For our first Rebs Strike Teams, we will be building two different 100 point forces utilizing the Faction Starter. After a few games, you can expand your force with more options tailored to your specific style of play…..or just add what looks cool!


Strike Team: Shadow

The Rebs Fcation Starter comes with four Yndij, but I've swapped on out for a DBX Reaver, because he looks so cool!

The Rebs Faction Starter comes with four Yndij, but I’ve swapped one out for a DreadBall: Xtreme Yndij Reaver for the commander, because he looks so cool!

For our first Strike Team, let’s build around the Yndij Infiltrator Commander. Hide in Shadow is a strong Army Special and is key to giving some of your units more staying power.

For our Troops, let’s utilize the rest of the Yndij from the starter. The three Yndij are solid troops and will give you some numbers to rush the field, utilizing their Agile rule to more easily navigate the ruins of the Deadzone. Their Scout special rule helps them get into the field even quicker, granting you a head start on grabbing some objectives.


Next, we will add some Specialists–granting our team some more battlefield options. Let’s add two Survey Drones. Again, these are fast and useful for grabbing early objectives and items. And should some happen to get taken out of action, they won’t grant your opponent any victory points!


Lastly, we will add some punch in the form of the Teraton. She is also very mobile, utilizing Teleport to get around the battlefield with ease. The Teraton packs a punch in Fights and with their size and a little bit of armor, they provide some staying power too.


Yndj Infiltrator Commander 20 points
3 Yndij Troopers 36 points
2 Survey Drones 14 points
Rebel Teraton 30 points
7 units 100 points


Strike Team: Shoot and Loot


For our second force, let’s start with the Rebel Commander. She is an excellent marksman and to exploit this, we are going to add a Holo Sight to maximize her shots.

Now, for Troops, we will add some more of her human compatriots. Three Rebel Troopers give us some numbers to spread the battlefield and absorb some inevitable casualties. It also opens up some Specialist slots for our Strike Team.

Lets start by grabbing a Survey Drone, again to utilize its speed in grabbing objectives and items. Last, we will add a pair of Grogans to bring the firepower. One Grogan will be equipped with an Onslaught Cannon, this gives the team some more area control–suppressing the enemy and slowing their advance. The other Grogan will take the Desolator to provide some long range support, targeting the more heavily armored opposition units.


Rebel Commander

with Holo Sight Item (+8 points)

36 points
3 Rebel Troopers 21 points
Survey Drone 7 points
Rebel Grogan

with Onslaught Cannon

15 points
Rebel Grogan

with Desolator

20 points
7 units 99 points

Well, there you have it. Next time we will dig into some more tactics for these forces. Until then, let’s get this insurgency started!

These starter forces are based on the contents of the Rebs Faction Starter – available to pre-order now!

You can find the Yndij Reaver in DreadBall Xtreme or the Free Agents Set.

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