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Deadzone Global Campaign 2022 – the final standings!

20th Jun 2022

Rob Burman

And that’s a wrap! The Deadzone/Firefight global campaign is over… and what a few weeks it has been. Thanks to everyone that has taken part. Across both systems we’ve had more than 1,000 games played and a lot of Firefight battles, which is amazing considering it’s such a new game.

From a personal point of view, it has been superb to check into the Fanatics groups on Facebook and see pictures of your games. After all, that’s why we do these campaigns – to get everyone playing.

The next steps now are for us to analyse all the data and results we’ve got from the campaign to see how that will shape the narrative. In a couple of weeks we’ll have a full breakdown of what this means for Magnetar and the factions as a whole. Quick hint: it’s not looking good the Enforcers, who failed to keep the planet on lockdown. Perhaps they were busy having parties in the Entertainment District?

In today’s blog then, we’ll show you the final standings for each District, which will then be used to determine the future of Magnetar.


Despite their inability to control the whole of Magnetar, the Enforcers did keep a lid on things in the Entertainment District. This was the origin of the Veer-myn outbreak, so it’s likely a lot of Enforcers were deployed to this area initially. There was some extremely stiff competition from the Rebs during the middle of the campaign, but they couldn’t quite go the extra distance to defeat the Council’s finest. Still, even the fact they gave the Enforcers a run for their money is going to help pull more disenfranchised systems to their cause.


It should probably come as no surprise to hear the mysterious and top secret technology of the Mazon Labs proved irresistible to the Veer-myn. After all, why have a normal gun, when you can have a gun that spits out incredibly toxic and poisonous matter? Mazon Labs didn’t put up much of a fight, despite it being their labs… but perhaps there was something more nefarious behind them seemingly abandoning the fight. Did they want the rats to discover whatever was at the heart of their top secret research facility?


This area was never really in doubt and the Veer-myn stamped their authority on the port in the very early stages. The Nameless did attempt more of a fightback in this district (certainly compared to the other areas) but the only real challenge to the rats came from the Asterians. Clearly they were concerned about what would/will happen if the Veer-myn get the ability to change the weather. Did someone say toxic rain?


A little like the Veer-myn taking over labs full of experimental tech, it certainly seems fitting that the Forge Fathers ended up controlling the Industrial District… even against a strong Veer-myn opposition. It was touch and go for a moment, but the Forge Fathers ended on a high (no pun intended) as Brokkrs and Artificers flooded into the region.


To be honest, we weren’t sure how many Firefight games would be submitted during the campaign, due to the fact it’s such a new release, so we were amazed to see so many entries. This bodes really well for a Firefight-specific campaign at some point… so start painting up your Strike Forces now, folks! Meanwhile, in terms of results, the Marauders absolutely romped home. A little like the Rebs’ success in the Entertainment District, this public shaming by the Marauders is likely to cause the Council some grief, and may embolden the disparate Marauders spread throughout the galaxy.

So, there you’ve got the final standings. It’s been an amazing five weeks and although I didn’t get to play as many games as I would have liked, it was still really enjoyable to see everyone having fun and getting stuck in. See you on another planet same time next year?