Following on from our look at the Plague Faction Starter, today we delve through classified Council records to examine the Faction Booster set. As the Plague spreads over a world,  those infected seem to vary and specialise more, almost as if by design.

The Plague Faction Booster adds some of the more esoteric weapons and units from the Deadzone list, including a Plague Swarm, 3rd Gen mortar team and two large beasts – essentially mutated killing machines.


The Plague Aberration is a failed 1st Generation Vector. All 1st gens are created by exposure to an activate ‘Plague Artifact’, however, not all victims are mutated successfully. Most are killed instantly, as their body painfully tears itself apart, but a few failures survive as Aberrations. Their minds wracked by pain and rage, they will attack anything in sight, kept only in check by the mysterious properties of the virus itself. While they lack the intellect and cunning of a true 1st gen, they make up for this shortfall in sheer brute strength.


The Plague virus’ effect varies with each species it comes into contact with. With Teratons, their natural size, strength and toughness are further bolstered by bony carapaces and spikes erupting from their flesh. Alarmingly, Plague Teratons retain their natural ability to teleport, allowing them to outmaneuver victims with terrifying speed.wp-plague-category-image

As the most common vectors for the Plague, the 3rd generation, both troopers and zombies, are the most commonly encountered. 3rd gen troopers are particularly dangerous as they retain the memories to make use of equipment and weapons, ranging from basic solid-shot rifles, to Mortars. These weapons are used to support the advance of the more close-combat-oriented vectors with uncanny timing. Those leading the Plague in battle understand that this is key to tackling enemy firepower.

The Plague Faction Starter and Plague Faction Booster are available to pre-order now and can be found in stores from the end of October!

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