DSC_9256The Plague are returning to Deadzone! With an updated Faction Starter, Faction Booster, extra miniature packs and even their own campaign, there has never been a better time to field these mutant degenerates.


As you would expect with a numerous faction like the Plague, their Faction Starter is full of warriors for your strike team – with no less than 29 models included. You can either overwhelm the enemy with a horde of Zombies, attack at range with the 3rd Generation Trooper, or rely on sheer brute force in the form of the 2nd Generation and 1st Generation Mutants. This gives you a solid basis for whatever style of force you would like to field in the game – or even the beginnings of an army for Warpath.

The 1st and 2nd gen mutants are close combat monsters in a very literal sense, with enough armour to weather the enemy’s firepower and get close enough to tear their foes apart. The 1st gen himself is the most powerful leader for the plague faction, a malign intelligence allows him to direct his more feral subordinates, as well as any field commander. Tactician (2) grants you extra command dice to boost your faction and his command ability allows you to bestow mutations upon other members of your strike team.

Both the faction starter and booster sets come with the new hard-plastic 3rd generation troopers. These guys are the basic units in a Plague Strike team – better than Zombies and far more adaptable. However, they’re still inexpensive, so you’ll be able to field a large number of them. We’ll be going over this kit later in the week, but there are parts to build any type of the 3rd gen from the Deadzone Plague army list, including specialists with heavy weapons, leaders and basic troopers. There’s also a Plague hound on each sprue of five models – of which you get two in the Faction Starter and one in the Faction Booster.


If you really want to outnumber your opponent’s Strike Team, then field Zombies. What they lack in skill and firearms, they make up in numbers. Throw them at your enemy’s guns, use them as an unstoppable mass or as cover for your more valuable units. The Plague Faction Starter comes with 10 of these unfortunates.

With a variety of specialists, troopers and leaders, you can use the contents of this set to build almost any possible Plague strike force. By adding in the contents of the Faction Booster and possibly a Strider, your enraged mutants will be able to take on any foe and spread the contagion throughout Corporation space.

The Plague Faction Starter and Plague Faction Booster are available to pre-order now and can be found in stores from the end of October!

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