The Veer-Myn have lived in the shadow of other races for a long time. Spreading though waste management networks and maintenance access ways, they are survivalists throughout, weathering harsh atmospheric conditions, hazardous machinery and eradication teams. Many beings aren’t even aware of the Veer-Myn’s presence. Many more tolerate them – to a degree – as they are unable to permanently remove them. The Veer-Myn are content to lie in wait for the right opportunity.


Led by the Progenitors and Brood Mother, a Veer-Myn nest will be directed to empty and overwhelm their foes. Hordes of Crawlers and Stalkers scurry amidst the towering forms of the Nightmares and Night Terrors. Vile and devastating weapons are brought to bare – the twisted inventions of the Maligni. Few survive this onslaught to tell the tale.


Whether you are fighting for control of Exham IV, or rising up in another Deadzone, the Veer-Myn Faction Starter is the best way to get started with these malicious creatures. There’s large numbers of troops, specialists and leaders to build you Strike Team from or enough to build a campaign army.

The core of the set is the Night Crawlers Sprue. This hard plastic kit contains enough components to build five Crawlers with Ray Guns or five Stalkers with Ray Pistols and knives or any combination of those two. There are also additional components to upgrade one of your models to a Malignus with a heavy weapon – either a Chem Thrower or a Chem Spitter as well as extra heads, arms and accessories to customise your models. There are three sprues in the set – enough to build a horde of Veer-Myn to overwhelm your opponents.

When your force needs some punch, look no further than the Nightmares. The hulking brutes can be equipped to deal damage either a range or in melee, with options for Drills and Chem Throwers, Heavy Chem Throwers, or Two-handed Drills. They’re more survivable than their smaller comrades and can use their size to their advantage in close combat. Each hard plastic sprue can build two of these creatures, with a wide variety of components to choose from. The Veer-Myn Faction Starter comes with two sprues – four Nightmares in total.


The mysterious leaders of the Veer-Myn are the Progenitors. Whilst they don’t appear to hold the same authority as Brood Mothers, they are nonetheless powerful beings to the Veer-Myn. Wielding dangerous and experimental weaponry, they bring to the field a level of strategy and intelligence seemingly lacking in their lesser kin. The Faction Starter includes two plastic Progenitors. One is armed with a Spitter Rifle – a potent ranged weapon, while the other is armed with a wrist-mounted Chemical Grenade Launcher, able to lob explosive projectiles into enemy cover. Each of these models is fantastically detailed, sculpted with pipes and tanks all over their armour as well as various tools hanging from their enclosed body-suits.

The rules and army list for all of these models can be found in the Deadzone Rulebook. You can also combine them with the Piper in Deadzone: Infestation!

The Veer-Myn Faction Starter is available to pre-order now and will be shipping at the end of June!

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