Wow, so only 2 days until DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game hits Kickstarter. PANIC! PANIC!

Just kidding.

As promised, in today’s development diary we’re taking a closer look at what we’re doing with this Friday’s DreadBall Kickstarter.

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game on Kickstarter

Launching at 1:30pm BST on Friday 22nd July and running for just two weeks, the DreadBall Kickstarter is designed around one main pledge level that gets you:

DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game core set


It includes:

  • Core Rulebook: with everything you need to know to play plus League System and advanced rules for cheerleaders, coaches and more.
  • New Teams: the Draconis All-Stars robot team and Ninth Moon Tree Sharks Yndij team.

Very Very Early Work in Progress Yndij Sculpt. Lots of work still to be done!

  • DreadBall Pitch: with new artwork and location zones for cards, action tokens, discard pile and an in-built scatter diagram (as requested by the community!) The hexes on the pitch are a little bigger at 28mm rather than 25mm to give some room for arms and tails.


The pledge level also includes:

DreadBall Team Guide

Containing all the rules, background and stats for every team, team captain and MVP.

DreadBall Ultimate

DBU-Logo-WebThis expansions allows up to 6 players to play DreadBall at the same time and includes rules booklet, counters, and card deck.

There’s even a newly artworked pitch design (mock-up ‘sketch’ below), included on the reverse side of the standard pitch. Now you’ll only need to carry one pitch around!


Early Mock-up DreadBall Ultimate design. The updated shape is designed for enhanced gameplay and allows 3-6 players to play ball at the same time. There are rules included for the 1st edition Ultimate pitch design so that older pitches are not invalidated too.


We like to include exclusives to our pledge levels to say thank you for backing the project and DreadBall comes with two from the off: Fergus, an offensive coach and Tracer, a Support coach.

  • Fergus

Fergus comes from the spaceship yards of Plutos, where a Plutosian gets a thick skin and a loud voice or is never heard. Fergus takes that philosophy and applies it to the pitch. He plays to win by any means, and if a call goes against him then shouting at 150 decibels can’t hurt.


  • Tracer

Once one of the G-Net’s most popular superstars, Tracer believes that once a team is on the pitch there is little they can’t do if encouraged appropriately. She whips up the crowd with skills learnt from the stage, starting chants so catchy even the other teams sometime join in, and drives her team onto greater feats of athleticism.


As you can see, both have very distinctive looks and will look great in any hobbyist’s collection.

The pledge level will be available for $100 and contains items worth over $150 MSRP from the start – and, should we break our funding goal, the pledge level will get even better value as we break stretch goals and throw in free stuff. We’ve had some great ideas from the community – from miniatures representing the Eye in the Sky to DreadBall’s own Commentary Team event card holder – that we hope to see become reality.

Until Friday ‘ballers. I hope that you’ll join us for a fun campaign.

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