DreadBall New Teams & Championships

3rd Jul 2018

Rob Burman

This week sees Mantic open its doors for the first DreadBall Second Edition UK National Championship. There are still some last minute tickets available, should you wish to prove you’re the best coach on the circuit. You can buy your tickets here. It’s worth coming just for the goody bag alone, which includes a FREE team of your choice, FREE Blaine, FREE set of DreadBall dice, FREE DreadBall dice cup and a FREE dice bag. Just try not to drool at the offering below…

However, that’s not the only DreadBall action we’ve got taking place this week. We’ve just put up four fresh teams for pre-order on the website. These re-packaged teams now come with all the players required, prone markers, team stat card, Captain and the optional Captain Cards. So, let’s take a closer look at these teams and what they offer on the pitch.


The Bremlin Nebulas are one of the fastest teams in the game with a move of 6 for the Jacks and Strikers. This means that when Sprinting they’ll have a whopping potential move of 12 hexes. This means you can move around the pitch with ease and make sure you’re in the correct position to receive that all-important catch. They’re not too shabby when it comes to catching either, with a skill stat of 4+.

However, the most exciting element of the Bremlin’s play style is a new rule for Second Edition called Acrobatic. “If a Player with this ability doubles a Dodge, they make their one-hex move as normal. They may then make an immediate Run Free Action.” This is incredibly powerful as you can re-position your players in your opponent’s turn. There’s even the chance that if there’s a loose ball on the pitch, you could dodge and then pick up the ball. If you double it, you can then use that mighty 6 move to potentially score.

It’s not all good though, the Bremlins have an armour of 5+ for Jacks and 6+ for Strikers, so if they do get Slammed, there’s a chance they’ll get seriously injured. If the speedy play style of the Bremlin Nebulas sounds like your thing, you can pre-order here.


The Glambek Ghosts are certainly one of the more unusual teams in the game, thanks to their Phaser ability. This means they can be in two states: solid and insubstantial. When solid they act just like any normal player, but it’s when they become insubstantial that it gets interesting.

When insubstantial they can move through anything else on the pitch (players, the ref, even the ball) as they it were an empty hex. If you move through an opposing player they become disorientated and the Glambek Coach can turn that player to face any direction they choose. This is perfect for lining up an opposing player for a rear slam by another Ada-Lorana later in the same Rush.

Talking of slamming, if a phasing player ends their Action in the same hex as an opponent they automatically Slam them and it’s treated as a Slam in their rear arc.

In our next DreadBall Blog, we’ll take a look at two more of the re-packaged teams: the Sulentic Shards and Fran-Taar Philosophers.