Welcome sports fans. We are on the cusp of the new Season and are pleased to announce that the DreadBall UK National Championship is back.

Absolutely Elmer! This is the most awesome thing to happen to DreadBall since the DreadBall Glove.

Quite. Th…

The Glove means that the ball can be TITANIUM, my friend – and it launches at 200 em-pea-aitch. Without it, this sport would still be stuck with the Veer-myn in the bilges of long-haul freighters – or the players would be short a few hands!. It’s the most important development in all the Spheres IN ALL OF HISTORY. Period.

Indeed. Thank you for your rather visceral elucidation Dobbs. Enlightening as always. Now, where was I…

The DreadBall UK National Championship Returns

On 7th July 2018, Mantic HQ plays host to Europe’s first official DreadBall National Championship.

Get this hot ticket now.

Coaches play through four exciting games to discover who will take the trophy and become our first champion in this new era of DreadBall.

Alongside the usual trophies for placing, there will be other awards available too, such as the fan’s favourite team, and the team responsible for getting the cleaners onto the neodurium (in other words, the most violent).

As normal with all of our events, we will see what else we can surprise you with on the day!

Why You Need To Take Part

It’s all about a great day: playing games, making friends, rolling dice and taking home stories – and maybe a prize. If you’re new to – or a fan of – the Galaxy’s Greatest Sports Game tm then you should come to the DreadBall Launch Celebration on 24th March to pick up the game, learn to play, pick up tips from experienced Coaches, and listen to the game’s developers!


Because the DreadBall core game, League Handbook (found in both the Galactic Tour expansion and Collector’s Rulebook), Team Cards and Captain Cards are releasing in March, you will have a massive amount of configuration available for your team for the tournament. For example you could:

  • Field a Recommended Team, adding a few more players, and an Ability or two
  • Assemble your preference of positional players and Abilities

From there, to round out your generous budget of 1,200 mc you could:

  • Add a Captain
  • Support your team with Coaching Assistants and Cheerleaders
  • Squeeze in some additional Coaching Dice and a DreadBall Card or three

You could even enlist one of the league’s infamous MVPs: supremely talented players buoyed by their egos as much as their entourage and fans!

Assembling the perfect combination of players and personalities is a real trick. Are you up to it?

Convinced yet? Pick up your ticket and join us on the neodurium.

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