The Dungeon Saga Rules Committee returns again to the world of the living to provide wisdom on the topics of the boxed Campaign Expansions for the game in this latest FAQ release. Whether Heroes are continuing to try and thwart Mortibris’ plans for world domination or are venturing into the Abyss, some guidance is provided about possible rules issues. Since this FAQ deals with Campaigns instead of general rules it’s best to allow the Overlord player to read it and provide the information you need, as you need it. If you trust them….

In The Return of Valandor, the FAQ addresses how to handle taking up the mantle of the titular legendary hero in and between Adventures 4 & 5 aswell as addressing some erroneous mistakes made by previous pitiful scribes. The torture chamber at Mantic HQ swells with their numbers (is that an Overlordly cackle I hear or just Ronnie…?).

For The Warlord of Galahir, it’s now clear that Orcs cannot try to hide behind lowly Orclings to avoid attack-based spells. The Lightning Blades magic weapon also gets an upgrade by removing the “One Use” tag which previously meant they are lost the first time they are used. Now they can be used once a turn – much more effective when fighting Thrundak’s hordes!

The Tyrant of Halpi expansion also receives some much needed attention. Some adventurers found that the first quest was perhaps a little too challenging for players just learning their Heroes talents, so it has been adjusted slightly to reduce the difficulty and improve the learning curve. In addition, fixed limits on the number of Thralls of various types are now specifically defined to match the example models on the Overlord Sheet with the contents of the Core game.

The Infernal Crypts has received the most plentiful and considered changes. It was found that the Campaign book and the Overlord Sheet were contradictory about the interaction between the Fire Ability and Lava squares. Lava is a dangerous thing and the campaign book is correct that creatures with the Fire ability cannot just continuously stand on it. They may move over it freely and without damage penalty but unless they have the Essence of Fire ability they will suffer damage (a furious melting of flesh!) if they end their turn whilst still standing on a Lava square.

Additional clarification on the interaction between Lava and Large Creatures and those unlucky enough to be “Slammed” into it is also provided.

The Null ability for those virtuous Demon Hunters among you has also been tweaked to now make it clear that its negating powers apply to both spells and magical attacks. Abyssal Legions shall tremble at your coming!

There are other changes and corrections included too, but deeper personal study is needed if keen adventurers are to feel the full effects of its enlightenment.

The Rules Committee will have more additions to follow for these expansions and others such as the Black Fortress and the Dungeon Journal, but for now we hope that these and the other corrections in this Expansions FAQ will guide wilful Heroes on their quest to save Mantica from its innumerable threats.

And rest easy on your flea-ridden tavern cot or dusty camp bed roll, the Adventurers Companion has not been forgotten about… 🙂

As always, we welcome any feedback from Dungeon Saga players new & old – so please shout out with pain points or other experiences (pleasant & otherwise) that you have.

Until next time, go forth and overlord with evil abandon!

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