Today, Mantic visits the movies!

In case you missed the message – Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is back in stock and being dispatched to retailers across the land! You can order it from our website now.


What is Dungeon Saga?

Dungeon Saga is the exciting 2-5 player dungeon crawling adventure game, set in the world of Mantica. Easy to learn, yet challenging to beat, it comes with 4 mighty heroes, 4 terrible villains and 18 horrifying Undead plastic figures, loads of plastic Dungeon Doors and Dungeon Furniture, character cards, spell cards, tokens, dice, an expansive set of dungeon tiles and more! With 8 dangerous adventures for your heroes to face, this stunning box contains hours of fun and adventure!


One player takes control of the evil Necromancer, Mortibris. Bent of world domination, he seeks the legendary book of Valandor to expand his power. Opposing him are the four heroes, Danor, Madriga, Orlaf and Rordin. Each of these can be controlled by a player, or all of them controlled by one player (or any combination in between). The Necromancer raises his undead minions – skeletons, zombies, zombie trolls – to stop the heroes and bring them down. Though these creatures are not powerful foes, they have numbers and immortality (of a sort) on their side. As the heroes venture deeper into the dungeon, the threats get worse, as they face Mortibris’ lieutenants, like the Elven Banshee, Elshara, or the Undead Dwarf King, Grund. The bottom of the dungeon sees a climactic duel between Mortibris and the four heroes, with the whole world at stake. The game ends here.

Or does it?

Each expansion to the game continues the story, adding new heroes and villains and advancing the story of Mantica as a whole. The Return of Valandor sees a god made manifest face the worst of Demons, whilst The Infernal Crypts send your heroes to the depths of the Abyss itself.


The Adventurer’s Companion adds new ways to play your games; allowing you to create your own dungeons, heroes and villains for your own adventures. There are even more expansions on the way, so the saga is far from over.


Speaking of sagas, each Dungeon Saga and expansion come in it’s own beautiful ‘Book Box’. This is a durable, high-quality package that will safely hold all of your gaming pieces, whilst looking amazing on the shelf. As your adventures grow, so to will your collection of stories, contained within these mighty tomes.

All of this is available now from your local hobby retailer, or our webstore. If your local store doesn’t stock Mantic, why not make a request through I want a store? We’ll then get in touch and, if they take the range, we’ll give you £30/€30/$50 off on our webstore to say thank you!


Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest and a host of expansions are available from our website, or any good hobby retailer. Start your adventure now!

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