Here be monsters…


The Tyrant of Halpi Expansion for Dungeon Saga is almost here! With one of the largest plastic models we’ve ever made, a brand new campaign and two new heroes, this set is the perfect expansion to Dungeon Saga for any budding dragon-slayers!

What is the Tyrant of Halpi?


A huge dragon.

Karrathor the Unbroken is a direct descendant of the Father of all Dragons. He makes his lair deep withing the Halpi mountain range, between the blighted land of Tragar and the holds of the Free Dwarf Clans.

Once the noble steed of an Elven King, he turned on his master and killed him, taking the Elf’s crown for his own. An ancient heirloom of the Elves, the crown grants mastery over all who see it. These unfortunates become thralls to the dragon’s will. Over centuries, Karrathor has languished, becoming richer and more powerful with each wayward adventurer.


Now, four heroes have been tasked with reclaiming the crown for the Elven Realms. They must face not only the mighty dragon himself, but also the many thralls that protect him. On top of this, if the heroes cannot resist the crown’s power, they will end up enslaved to the dragon’s will for eternity.

Dragons and Dungeons

The Tyrant of Halpi includes six new narrative scenarios to play though, as you descend through the ruins of a Dwarvern hold to the final keep of the dragon. Each of these battles sees you facing off against the dragon’s numberless thralls. The final battle is fought over an enormous horde of gold with both the lives and minds of the heroes at stake. Karrathor is an opponent of terrifying power and in such a large space, there is nowhere to hide from his wrath.


Although the Tyrant is undoubtedly the star of the show, the expansion also includes two new heroes – Ibrahim, the Basilean Paladin and and Ally, the Halfling Thief. There are two detailed coloured plastic models to represent these characters in your quests. As with our other Expansions, these two heroes are bolstered by others from Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest.

You’ll also find all of the additional cards, tiles and rules you’ll need to for the scenarios, as well as optional rules for using this expansion with the Adventurer’s Companion.

I used to be an Adventurer like you….


The heroes’ exploits in the mountains made them legends in their own right. If you want to represent the heroes at their peak, then pick up the Legendary Heroes of Halpi. These metal models would also work well as new heroes for your own Dungeon Saga campaign or for a Kings of War army – such as a Basilean High Paladin and a Halfling Master Sergeant from the League of Rhordia.

Dungeon Saga: The Tyrant of Halpi and the Legendary Heroes of Halpi are available to pre-order and can be found in all good hobby retailers from the end of October!

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