The Enforcer Faction Starter contains all of the models you need to build your own strike team of these elite soldiers. Designed to be a great starting point for Deadzone players, the box contains a wide variety of troops and specialists with heavy weapons, as well as powerful commanders to lead your force.

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The backbone of the Enforcer faction are the Enforcers themselves. These troopers are comparable to most other faction’s elite units, with heavy armour and high skill to boot. There are ten basic Enforcer models – two set of sprues – which can be used to build Enforcers with rifles or Assault Enforcers with pistols and wristblades. There are also options on the sprue to build a Sergeant or Captain, armed with an Energy Gauntlet, a Specialist with either a Burst Laser or an Incinerator plus loads of extra accessories to boot!


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The new Pathfinders sprue is packed with components to build these lightly armoured scouts. There are five Pathfinders in the Faction Starter, who can all be armed with the ever-useful Tag Rifle. There are also components to upgrade one model to a Specialist with a Sniper Rifle and also a Pathfinder Sergeant, should you want to use one to lead your Strike Team. You can equip your pathfinders with additional pistols or recon drones and also field the DOG Drone – armed with a Burst Laser.


The rest of the models are sprueless plastic, making up a number of Specialists for you faction. There’s an Enforcer Specialist with a Sniper Rifle, an Enforcer Specialist with a Missile Launcher, an Assault Enforcer (in a cool in-flight pose), an Enforcer Engineer with two Sentry Guns and finally a Peacekeeper Captain.


You can use the contents of your Faction Starter in two ways. Firstly, there are enough options and models for you to build a variety of different Strike Teams to suit your playstyle. Will you go for masses of fire power with Specialists, an agile Assault based force, or use Pathfinders exclusively?


Secondly, if you want to participate in a campaign, then this box contains enough models to build a great campaign army – a large force you can draw your Strike Teams from. You can find the full rules fo campaigns in the Deadzone Rulebook!

The Enforcer Faction Starter is available to Pre-Order now and will be in stores at the end of May! You can also pick up this product as part of the Enforcer Army, the Battle for Hera and the Containment Protocol deals.

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