It’s been a busy week over here on the blog, as we’ve been running through a host of Walking Dead news, including five reasons you should play, entries in our Brush with Death painting competition, some new gaming accessories and yesterday’s exciting announcement about Lee and Clementine. However, we’re not stopping there and today we’ve got a couple more updates for you!

The first is that amidst the March releases in an Equipment Booster. Equipment plays a key part in The Walking Dead: All Out War, as you tool your Survivors up with a range of weaponry and accessories. Should Rick have a crossbow? Maybe Michonne should have some Gory Clothing to help disguise her from the Walkers?

Equipment Booster

Although you get plenty of equipment in the Core Game and new pieces are included in the various boosters, we wanted to ensure you have more options when it comes to creating your gang. And that’s exactly where the Equipment Booster comes into play! The set includes 55 cards, featuring a mix of weapons of accessories to give your Survivors the edge.

Equipment Booster

We worked closely with The Walking Dead: All Out War community to find out what items they would like in the set. One of the most common suggestions was to include extra cheap items, like the Lucky Charm and Fire Extinguisher that could be used when you’ve got a few points spare.

Equipment Booster

Likewise, community members wanted some of the items you could previously only find as supplies during the game – such as Football Pads – to be included as Equipment. This means you can equip them before a game even starts.

Finally, the community actually suggested a few completely new items, like the Alarm Clock, Screwdriver and Makeshift Body Armor. The Equipment Booster is available in stores from March and you can pre-order from the Mantic website now.

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