Andy, Mantic’s new Events & Organised Play Coordinator has a summary of the weekend’s Kings of War event here at the Mantic Bunker…

That was one hot weekend! Hosting 30 enthusiastic Mantic gamers in the Mantic Bunker is always a terrific idea – then the temperature hit 30-degrees outside and pushed mid-to-high 30s indoors. We Brits simply aren’t prepared for that and so we broke out the fans, refilled drinks, opened the doors, and muttered about it being ‘jolly muggy out’.

Packed gaming hall + hottest day of the year = overheating players!

Possessed by the spirit of gaming, our 16 intrepid teams battled through five games over two days, to discover who would be crowned our inaugural Kings of War Clash of Kings Doubles champions. At the end of Game five, our top team was Scientists Agree. Only two Tournament Points behind them were Burt & Monty and a single point separated them from third placed Rick & Chris (for those filling in their stat books at home, Rick & Chris got a podium spot due to cumulative victory points). Tight gaming indeed!

The winning team take the trophy, while Andy stands on proudly.

Talking about the spirit of gaming, ten of the teams scored at least one ‘best game’ vote from their opponents, with two teams grabbing two votes, and two teams vying for Best Sports on a mighty three votes each! Congratulations to The Chumps for walking away with Best Sports and 15th place!

Basileans and Ogres battle it out.

Rounding out the awards Team Badger took home the coveted Best Army award for a combined force of Dwarfs and Ogres. While the painting was formidable, they placed last overall, graciously allowing the [odds-on favourite] for the wooden spoon Herding Brutes to rampage over their army to 14th.

Many thanks to 4ground for providing the awesome scenery!

Every attendee walked away with a Dwarf J’zik Gearlund model, and some dragon heads. Dragon heads? Yes! We used these as spot prizes for those pesky ‘Double One’ Nerve Checks… and there were plenty handed out over the course of the weekend. Our 6’x4’ neoprene gaming mat* proved popular as did the resin Edge of the Abyss (Summer Campaign) heroes that were snuck out of the casting room early! Shhhh… don’t tell anyone that gaming at Mantic HQ sometimes comes with extra benefits.

Our next tournament at the Bunker is Deadzone Overkill on 22nd July, and the next official Kings of War event is the mighty Clash of Kings on 28th & 29th October at Firestorm Games.

If you’re interested in what we’re doing with tournaments and leagues this year, then pick up the Clash of Kings supplement which contains the latest suggested tournament rules for Kings of War, or keep your eye open for the forthcoming Edge of the Abyss campaign, which give clubs and stores the opportunity to take part in an epic global battle to decide the fate of Mantica.

If you have any feedback or questions about our events at the Bunker, leave them in the comments below and we’ll check them out.

*- only available at our Bunker store


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