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Alright, alright, alright!! Now that Santa has come and gone I’m starting to ramp up the events for 2018! First let’s talk about AdeptiCon!


We have lots going on at AdeptiCon this year again! This year all events will be held in what I’m calling the Mantic Hall.


Thursday has the 3rd annual Kings of War Team Tournament. This has always been a fun and loose little tournament to start the gaming weekend off! Thursday afternoon has the 1st AdeptiCorp Cup DreadBall tournament using the 2nd edition rules! I’m very excited to see this come back and look forward to seeing a lot of the new teams. At the time of this writing, both events are half full and awaiting you.

Friday has the 3rd annual Battle for Shaum-Berg IV Deadzone tournament. At the time of this write-up there are only 3 spots left but have no fear if we cap out, there will be more spaces made open. Following Deadzone we have the 1st Conflict of Commanders Warpath: Firefight tournament. We’re close to capping – but that won’t stop me from opening more spots for those who waited to sign up.

Saturday and Sunday will be hosting the AdeptiCon Kings of War Tournament. Big news coming further down concerning Kings of War in the US. Read on for that.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “What if I’m not a tournament player? What do you have for me?!” Never fear! There are nice mini events happening in the Mantic Hall that run concurrent with the tournaments.

Coming back on Thursday is the ever-popular Survival of the Fastest: Deadzone Jetbike Races. The top 2 winners of the 3 heats will compete in the final race to be crowned 2018 Jetbike Champion. Friday sees a real classic reappear: Deadzone Mech Wars. Bring your Strider, Iron Ancestor, or Stuntbot to battle it out in a battle royal of flesh and steel! Can you pilot your mech to victory?

Saturday sees not one, but two, soon-to-be-favourites in Dungeon Saga: Bar Brawl and Mawbeast Roundup. In Dungeon Saga: Bar Brawl, what do the heroes do after a long day of dungeon crawling, they head to the pub for drinks and shenanigans ensue. Mawbeast Roundup has you command a group of goblin hunters trying to out-do the other goblin clans by seeing who can round up the most mawbeasts without dying… either by mawbeast or opposing goblins!

Lastly I’m pleased to announce that Mantic will be hosting a Brush With Death painting competition at this year’s AdeptiCon. The categories will be:

AdeptiCon Brush With Death Categories



Single Model

Single Model



War Engine/Monster


Models will be judged on Saturday and winner will be announced on Sunday. So get to painting!

See you in March!

AdeptiCon at a glance

MARCH 2018 Mini-Events Tournaments
Thursday 22nd Survival of the Fastest: Deadzone Jetbike Races
  • Kings of War Team Tournament
  • AdeptiCorp Cup (DreadBall)
Friday 23rd Deadzone Mech Wars Battle for Shaum-Berg IV (Deadzone)
Saturday 24th
  • Dungeon Saga: Bar Brawl
  • Mawbeast Roundup
  • Brush With Death (judging)
AdeptiCon Kings of War (2-Day)
Sunday 25th Brush With Death (announcement)


So earlier I alluded to some big news concerning Kings of War in the US. Now is the time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. I’m pleased to announce that Mantic will be hosting its own two-day convention in the US.

The Mantic US show (name TBC) will be held in the Chicagoland area with the venue to be determined. The projected dates will be October 19th-21st. What does this mean you say? It means that we will be having our version of the Open Day, which will really be an Open Weekend.

What will be happening at this shindig you ask? Well let me tell you! We will be moving all the National Championships to this event and winners of all the qualifying events will get FREE entry to the weekend show! This means Clash of Kings US 2018 will be held during the weekend but that’s not the only exciting news. You see, the player with the highest placed Mantic army will then be flown to the UK to play the UK National Champion to determine the Worldwide Champion. Full details on this will be release in the future. That’s right, YOU could be coming to the UK to battle it out for the Clash of Kings Crown (there won’t be an actual crown… probably).

Not only will there be a Kings of War there will be all kinds of Mantic games going on and quite possibly other system tournaments. As we hash out more details I’ll keep you guys updated.

For now keep your eye out for this great event and mark your calendars.


Event Dates Location
AdeptiCon March 22nd– 25th Chicago, IL
Gen Con August 2nd – 5th Indianapolis, IN
Clash of Kings* October 19th – 21st Chicago, IL
PAX Unplugged November 30th – December 2nd Philadelphia, PA

*- be part of something special

So there we have it: previews of events in the US and – in our earlier article – the UK. Let us know in the Comments what you are most looking forward to in 2018.

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