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Exciting Times for The Walking Dead

31st Jan 2024

Clive Stone

The Walking Dead All Out War Miniatures Game relaunch has filled gamers with excitement, and it’s been incredible to see the activity kicking off everywhere, even more so to see the incredible surge of preorders we have received on our preorder site:

The last time we introduced something new to The Walking Dead range was back in June, 2021!  So you can imagine how pleased we are to be talking about the  newest faction to become part of our tabletop world, The Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is a massive community of survivors located in Ohio.  Led by Pamela Milton, this organized and advanced society adds a layer of complexity to The Walking Dead Miniatures Game.  Players can now add the newest faction to their games of All Out War, who just so happen to have a well trained and equipped small army!

The Commonwealth faction introduces a diverse range of characters, each with their own skills and backgrounds. From the authoritative Pamela Milton to the skilled warrior Mercer, games of All Out War will never quite be the same!  Lets take a closer look at some of those iconic characters…


Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to The Walking Dead Miniatures Game, the Commonwealth faction is the first new item in the All Out War story, a real fan favourite of The Walking Dead and we hope that by bringing Pamela, Lance, Princess, Mercer, and the Commonwealth Soldiers to the tabletop, everyone can get excited by what’s yet to come.

The Commonwealth collection contains:

  • 8 Resin Survivor Miniatures
    • Pamela, Lance, Princess, Mercer, 4 X Commonwealth Soldiers
  • 8 Survivor Cards
  • Equipment Cards
  • Event Cards

Preorder throughout February and get this great new collection with the Early Bird Discount on the Walking Dead Website: Preorder Here

Coming up on the 17th February, you can also join Ronnie and Clive as they host the mini Walking Dead Open Day at Mantic HQ – tickets are still available here: Relaunch Day!

Every ticket gives you:

  • £10 Store Voucher to spend on the day
  • Demo Games of The Walking Dead
  • Gaming tables setup for casual gaming (We suggest 150 points if you are coming and have no game arranged!)
  • A Chance to win a special MDF Walking Dead token set!
  • Lots of previous Walking Dead items will be available for sale on the day
  • You might even get to play against Ronnie himself!

Don’t miss out – we’d love to see you there!