Are you struggling on how to expand your Firefight Strike Force? Need some tips about what units are going to boost your chances of victory*? Just can’t decide between X and Y? Well, we’ve got just the blog series for you.

Our ‘what to get next’ blogs give you some suggestions about the best way to expand your ever-growing Strike Forces. These are suggestions of what to buy next to give you some alternate tactics, or provide a boost to the miniatures you already have.

Previously we covered the Asterians and today we’re talking the Council’s bullies: Enforcers.


Armour Piercing in Firefight is vital, if you want to take out the likes of the Sturnhammer or a rival Strider. With this in mind, the Enforcer Heavy Support is a great boost for your Strike Force because you get four models rolling two dice each with AP4. Not only that, but they have the Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Tank keywords. Of course, if you want to increase that AP even further, you can boost the Firestorm Faction Order to increase the AP by +1. Even if you don’t boost the Faction Order, gaining Weight of Fire (2) and Vicious (Shoot) will really help to make sure the Heavy Support team pumps out some serious damage.

However, you’ll need to keep them safe because once your enemy realises how dangerous they are, it’s likely they’ll be target number one!


In Firefight, the faster you can force your opponent into combat, the better. You want them to be making decisions from turn one, so you can begin dictating the battle. As such, if you’re able to get within range early in the game, it will help you control the fight ahead. Pathfinders are great at this because of their Scout keyword, which allows them to make a free Advance or Sprint before Round One begins.

Ideally, you could use this to move into a building, which will make up for the Pathfinder’s weaker armour (5+, compared to an Enforcer’s 6+). Once inside the building, it’s time to start blasting away with the TAG Rifles, which have a fairly decent range of 24”. It’s certainly worth considering adding the DOG Drone to your squad too. Not only does it add an extra two dice, but it also has the Pinning keyword. This is perfect for slowing down some of those faster enemies that could pose an issue Round One.


You’ve got plenty of Strider options in the Enforcer list, but the Ajax is not only the best-looking Strider (in my opinion) but it’s also an absolute beast on the tabletop. First of all, let’s talk about how difficult it will be for your opponent to remove the Ajax. It has HP4 and Armour 7+, but it’s the added combo of Defensible and Heavy Armour that make this a tough nut to crack. Defensible increases the Ajax’s armour to 8+ against Shoot and Blaze Away actions, while Heavy Armour means your opponent must re-roll any successful damage rolls and only those that score 5+ actually cause a point of damage. Good luck with that, right?

In combat, the Ajax is dealing out some heavy duty damage too. At range, it’s lobbing the Grav Ram Spear with a very tidy AP2. Although the spear only rolls 2D, each hit has Blast (D4), meaning you could be rolling up to eight damage dice. In close combat, the Ajax gets six dice with AP2, which will be hitting on 4+ when charging into battle.

There’s plenty of nasty combos for Faction and Command Orders with the Ajax too.  Firstly there’s the Enforcer Sergeant’s ‘Rapid Advance’ order that gives the Ajax a free 6” advance… pretty handy when it can normally only move the standard 6/12. Once you’ve moved, why not pay to immediately activate the Ajax and use the ‘Go, Go, Go’ Faction Order? Advance toward the nearest enemy, Shoot them with the Grav Ram Spear to soften them up, and then Advance into combat to finish them off.

There you have our top tips on how to expand your Enforcer Strike Force. Let us know if you agree on social media, and show us pictures of your Firefight Strike Force too.

Next Tuesday in our Firefight series, we’ll be covering the Forge Fathers. See you then, folks.

*victory is absolutely not assured

Each operator in a Heavy SupportTeam carries an HMX-32 ‘Harpy’ missile launcher; a modified version of larger systems seen on corporate marine vehicles.

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Scout specialists who operate ahead of the main Enforcer force, using their excellent fieldcraft to map out enemy positions, gather intelligence and cause confusion in the foe.

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Plated in reinforced armour and carrying the heavy ‘Aggressor’ shield, the Ajax Siege Strider can withstand an enormous amount of fire as it crosses the battlefield to crack fortifications with its grav-ram spear in the very heart of enemy lines.

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