1 week to go! This time next week DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game will be up on Kickstarter and hopefully going strong.

My last entry was only a couple of days ago but there’s so much going on I just had to share more with you.

DreadBall 2 Art


By Michele Giorgi

Sports Robots – Striker, Jack and Guard

Concept Art by Roberto Cirillo


M_DB_SportsRobots_Jack_f M_DB_SportsRobots_Guard_f

One of the two starter teams in the new core game, the DreadBots (that’s my own personal pet name for them, not their actual name…) Poses come next.

Yndij – Striker, Jack and Guard


Choices, choices! Roberto often gives us a selection of armour designs to play with, allowing us to mix and match.


The humble DreadBall gets a redesign in the new core game. It’s slightly larger than before, so it’s less fiddly, and you get more of them in the box.

Also, it is detachable from the base:


… why you might ask?

Well, we’re also re-tooling the DreadBall hex bases. Don’t panic, you don’t need to cut your models off their old bases and replace them with new ones, it’s just an example of where we’re trying to improve the original contents.


The new hex base is still 25mm across but comes with the threat hexes marked on the base, which also helps for determining direction. There’s also a hole in the top of the base, where you can plug in the ball, which means no more balancing it on top!


The new bases will be included in the core game, in team sets re-released alongside the core game in 2017 and I’m sure will be available separately too.

There’s plenty more going on behind the scenes and we’ll have another dev diary talking about the Kickstarter early next week. Of course we’ve not spoken much about the rules development just yet but the DreadBall Rule Committee are working hard on getting the game knocked into shape.

If you’ve got any burning questions just drop them in the comments below and we’ll answer them as soon as we can.

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