This weekend is your FINAL CHANCE to back the TerrainCrate Kickstarter. For those Terrain Spotters that have already jumped on board the Hype Terrain, we hope you’re enjoying the ride but for those still to join, we’ve got a quick recap of what’s happened since we launched two weeks ago and why you should pledge for all this great scenery and terrain!

Firstly, just in case you’ve missed the numerous updates here’s a great big picture of everything that’s currently unlocked for each Crate:


Across all three Crates, we’ve unlocked 283 items (and counting). If you’re one of the lucky backers who manages to grab one of the limited $180 three Crate bundles, that means you’ll be paying just 63c or 49p per piece (and there are still more stretch goals to come).

TerrainCrateWe’ve designed TerrainCrate scenery to be used in a range of games, from dungeon crawlers (like our own Dungeon Saga) to RPGs and lots more. We’ve also made sure the scale is compatible with a lot of existing terrain ranges. The Battlefield Crate is also particularly handy for mass battle games like Kings of War and you currently get almost 6ft(!) of plastic walls to scatter around your battlefield… that’s almost as long as our garden.

Part of the reason we wanted to design TerrainCrate is the lack of affordable, plastic fantasy scenery. The TerrainCrate miniatures will be made from a similar plastic to the material we’ve recently used for The Walking Dead: All Out War, which will ensure it’s hard-wearing for multiple uses.

As well as the main Crates, you can also pledge for individual sets, like the awesome Dark Lord’s Tower or Torture Chamber. These are just $20 each and there’s a wide range available!

The campaign ends at 11.59pm (BST) on May 14th so make sure you back now.

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