In the third of our Warpath Community Blogs, Coach Andrew Jashyn tells us how he came to be playing Firefight. Over to you, Coach!

“Man, I loved Warhammer 40K. I loved the game, the lore and especially rolling buckets of dice. It was a great obsession. The hobby, converting the models, I was in all the way. Then, about 4 years ago I went to Adepticon and met a crazy and energetic English fellow that introduced me to a skirmish game that came with this awesome cubed terrain. That was the turning point. I picked up a starter box, boosters and a few Mercs.

When I got back from the con, we stopped playing Warhammer 40K and replaced it with Deadzone. I was hooked again on a smaller, faster and better game. It was all we played and obsessed over. I loved the models and the lore.

Fast forward one year, I bring the Forge Fathers to the first Deadzone tournament, and become the Adepticon 2015 Deadzone champ. But something was missing. While Deadzone is my favorite game by far, I still miss all those buckets of dice. When I started to inquire about Warpath I was surprised what I heard. “Yeah, Mantic has a mass combat game, but it isn’t that good. I hear they are working on it.” So, with a love of the lore and my Mantic models, I waited on baited breath.

Then it happens: the Warpath Kickstarter. New models, new rules, two games and, of course, buckets of dice to roll. I’m all in. I order the Forge Father Battlegroup and get ready for the Star Realm to deliver more dwarven brethren. I get the PDF files of the rulebooks and start making lists. The Forge Fathers are ready to go from the Deadzone to the Warpath.

Why play Forge Fathers? Why not? What’s cooler than an army of dwarves raging across the board with the intent to meet you in battle and smash your face?!! The Forge Fathers have a good balance of Shooting/Suppression and Melee/Resilience that I am looking for. They are not the most nimble and fast army, but they are tough enough to get across the board. Also, don’t forget the Drop Troopers that can reach out and crush you anywhere on the board.

As of now, I have the whole Battlegroup painted. With what I have from before and the Battlegroup, I have a sizeable Firefight army. I like the way Firefight is a mass combat game with lots of models, but still has the flexibility to make every unit unique. It sizes up from Deadzone with ease. Playing Deadzone at 200 points (Which is the only point level to play Deadzone), and then to play Firefight at 1,600 points is a good parallel. I really like to play Firefight at 2,000 points. I know that people say to play Warpath at that point level, but 2,000 points seems to be a good spot for Firefight. You have about 1,500 points of models, but the extra 500 points are weapon upgrades and personal upgrades. You need your command dice for this game!”

Don’t forget, you can pre-order Rulebooks, Starter Forces or Operation Heracles if you want to start playing Warpath, too!

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