The Walking Dead: All Out War launched just before Christmas and in that short time it has become our most successful retail launch ever. We’ve already seen numerous unboxing videos, battle reports and painting guides but, unbelievably, we’ve been led to believe that some of you out there still haven’t played The Walking Dead: All Out War. So, here are our top six reasons why you need to play…

 1. Recreate iconic moments from the comic series

The Walking Dead comic series has been around since 2003 and it’s currently on issue 164! In that time there have been numerous iconic scenes, like the time SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER met up with SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER and killed SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER or that amazing scene when SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER cut off SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER… ouch!

Although you’re free to recreate these moments yourself, we’re also releasing several expansions that give you the chance to actually live these stories and become a Survivor. We’ve already released Days Gone Bye, which details how Rick Grimes manages to meet back up with his family, and Prelude to Woodbury, which gives you the first glimpses of Brian Blake’s transformation into The Governor. However, these are only just the beginning and later this year you’ll be able to meet the Greene Family and head to the prison.

2. The game is remarkably easy to learn

We’ve worked hard to ensure The Walking Dead: All Out War can be learned in a matter of minutes. In fact, you can read through the Quick Start Rules here and you can watch a range of ‘how to play’ videos on the Mantic website.

Once you’ve got to grips with the basics, that’s when the real fun begins because you can start experimenting with some advanced techniques, such as using Mayhem to move the Walkers around the playing area and into your opponents. Remember, the Walkers aren’t just there to decorate the board, they’re actually a potent weapon to be used against your opponent.

 3. Designed for Solo Play

The Walking Dead: All Out War has been designed from the ground up to include solo play rules. Thanks to the intuitive way that Walkers are controlled by a simple AI system that revolves around Noise and special Events, you can easily play a game on your own using the solo play rules.

In fact, The Prelude to Woodbury is designed only for solo play, as you jump into the shoes of Brian ‘The Governor’ Blake and take on the Walkers. In future expansions, you’ll find more solo play missions to ensure that even when you’re not playing with a friend, you can still easily practice your Walker-splatting techniques!

 4. The miniatures are our best yet!

Since Mantic Games was first set up in 2007, we’ve constantly been working hard to improve our miniatures. The Walking Dead: All Out War is the culmination of all our hard work and the miniatures are the best we’ve ever produced. Firstly, they’re incredibly detailed, secondly they accurately recreate your favourite characters from the comics and third they’re pre-assembled so they’re ready to use straight out the box.

5. It’s a wargame in disguise!

Shhhhhh… don’t tell anyone but this is actually a wargame disguised as a board game. Yes, The Walking Dead: All Out War comes with a 20” x 20” mat on which to play the game, however that’s really only the beginning and as we make more expansions, complete with their own mats and extra Survivors, you’ll easily be able to play larger scale games.

What’s more, there’s the thrill of putting your gang together before a game. Do you take Rick with the 8MM Pistol or is it better to tool him up with the Pump-Action Shotgun? What about Andrea? Should she have the Remington 700 with a mighty 30” range or is it better to go for stealth with the Compound Bow, which doesn’t cause Mayhem? And that’s before you even consider extra equipment, like bandages to heal wounds or Gory Clothing to mask your scent from the Walkers.

6. It’s Awesome!

Hang on there are only meant to be five reasons… what’s going on? Ronnie here, I just wanted to jump on board to say that The Walking Dead: All Out War is absolutely bloody awesome! The rules are incredibly simple to learn but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy game to master, it’s a great introduction to skirmish games, it features a host of characters that millions of you are already familiar with and, most importantly, it’s fantastic fun to play. Seriously, once you play this game you will be clamouring for more and to prove it, I’ll give you 10% off the Core Game until the end of February… that’s how confident I am that you’ll be back for more!

Thanks for that Ronnie! To use your 10% off code, head to the Mantic website and during the checkout process add the following code to your order: WALKINGDEAD10, this will then take 10% off the Core Game. You’ve got until the end of February to use the code.

Keep checking the Mantic Blog all this week for more details about some great new The Walking Dead: All Out War products heading your way in March.

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