1. It’s a skirmish game – and with minis that come assembled, it’s seconds from opening the box, to playing the game!
    2. The game is easy to learn – so the challenge is not the complex rule book – it’s dealing with the walkers trying to devour you – and the other survivors, shooting at you!!
    3. The miniatures are fantastic – all the sculptors were hugely talented and massive fans of the comics – with so much reference material they have smashed it out of the park! Oh, and the scale and the extreme high-quality tooling means you can see every detail – whether you paint it or not!rick colour shot
    4. You can change your group simply by adding a booster pack – each one has new figures, character cards and cool equipment cards. Which also means you’ll never fight against the same group twice too!
    5. And last, but definitely not least – it is set in the coolest storyline running in comics today – who doesn’t want to fight for survival there?dust_jacket_art-1000

Please feel free to pop along and check out the Kickstarter if you want to get it all and get it early, or watch for the game and wave 1 releases hitting the shelves in Fall (or Autumn, depending on which side of the pond you live!).


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