The Druids are a secretive cult who worship the Green Lady. They stalk the world of Mantica, carefully watching over the forces at work; ever vigilant for those who would threaten the balance of the world. Their task is difficult, as conflict is rife across Mantica and their patron as changeable as their foes. It takes someone of utter neutrality to be a druid. It is for this reason that Druids are most likely to be human. Many races, such as the Orcs, already have strong ties to one alignment. Others, the Dwarfs, for example, polarise as either good or evil, lacking the ingenuity for true balance. Mankind seems to be able to align themselves to whatever side the Green lady demands without trouble.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that Druids are exclusively human. The Gladestalkers, mystical beings with strong ties to the natural world are also found within the Druid order. Members of other races that fight alongside the Forces of Nature, such as Salamanders or Naiads, may also hear the call of the Lady and join the Druid Order.


When balance is threatened and the Forces of Nature march to war, it is the Druids that lead them into battle. Able to call upon the allies of the Lady, or raise the Elementals to fight alongside them, they serve as the bond between so many varying beings. In the same way that they watch others carefully for straying too far away from true balance, they must be cautious themselves to not rely too heavily on one element. Only through using all elements of nature in harmony can they hope to preserve the balance of life.


Druids are heroes for your Forces of Nature Army. They can take a whole host of options , so you can equip them for almost any situation. They can take a wide range of spells – from Surge to Lightning Bolt.. Surge is especially important, as it can be used to push your Elementals forwards. They can also take will companions – who add a little ‘bite’ – and be mounted on a stag, too. They come with Heal and Inspiring as default, so you will always find a useful way to field them in your force. As part of the pre-order, we have a new metal druid kit, with alternate components sop you can have different ones across your force, but what we’ve tried to show in this article is that you can use any suitable model you can get your hands on to represent your Druids! Let us know what you’ll be fielding in the comments!

The Forces of Nature Druid is available for Pre-Order now and will be released at the end of the month!

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