The Naiads are an amphibian race, deeply territorial and distrustful of outsiders. They have an innate connection with water, feeling the tides and turbulence more than others. With such a strong affinity to the elements, it is not surprising that Naiads take to war with the Forces of Nature. If the balance of the world were to significantly change, their entire way of life could be wiped out.


Regiments of fish-people (Naiads are androgynous in appearance) march into battle armed with a staggering variety of nautically-themed weapons. From mighty tridents, to ensnaring nets, they use their speed and agility to avoid and entangle their opponents in melee. At range, they wield harpoon launchers – powerful variants of crossbows that pierce armour and flesh.


Their connection with water allows them to heal almost any injury. Even when on land, Naiads are able to draw on ambient moisture or underground lakes to rejuvenate them.

Naiads Sea Serpent 4

They have fought for centuries against the ‘invaders’ of their realms – mortals who build into and take from the sea. Beneath the waves, the three Naiad Kingdoms – the Trident Realms of Neritica – repel those who encroach on the surface of the water, summoning all kinds of vicious sea creatures to fight by their side. It is a foolish traveler indeed who thinks the waters safe.


The Naiads are now available as to pre-order as a hard plastic kit. Each regiment box comes with twenty finely detailed models, who can either be built as Ensnarers with hand weapons and nets, or Heartpiercers with harpoon-launchers. there is also a wide range of heads and options to build a command group for your units. We’ve also added a few fun extras, such as an otter and frog to decorate your bases with, or an ensnared Basilean solider, who can be dragged by one of the Naiads.


To field a true entourage of the Trident Realms, look no further than the Fury of the Sea. This bundle includes 60 Naiads, who can be built either as Ensnarers or Heartpiercers. There’s also Legendary Arianya from Dungeon Saga – who can be fielded as a Naiad Stalker to lead your force.  This force can either be used as a Forces of Nature Army, or as an army from the Trident Realms of Neritica from the Uncharted Empires book.

The Naiads are available for pre-order now, as well as being part of the Forces of Nature Army, the Forces of Nature Mega Army, and the Fury of the Sea!

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