As with our previous post with Goblins, I’m going to build a 500 point starter army – a small army to play Kings of Warwith. This is going to be based around an Abyssal Starter Force, which is available for pre-order right now. I’ll also be adding a metal Abyssal Champion to lead them to victory. The Starter Force has a lot of models and there will be far more than I need for this small army, so the remaining models are put to one side for when the force is expanded.


Lower Abyssals are the basic troops for the Forces of the Abyss, so I’m going to start with a regiment of those. With Regeneration and a decent set of stats to their name, they work well as the solid core to our force. The box itself contains 50 of these, which can also be assembled as Flamebearers. I’m going to also build a troop of these ranged troops to support the Lower Abyssal Regiment. They also have Regeneration and wield a significant amount of ranged firepower, with Piercing(1) to help deal with armoured units.


With so few points to play with, it was a difficult choice, but I couldn’t resist adding the brutal Molochs into our force. Crushing Strength(2), Brutal and Fury will make these beasts hit hard in combat. The models are awesome, too, hulking monstrosities that lumber across the field.

molochsThe leader of the army will be an Abyssal Champion. He’s powerful in combat, has Regeneration and is able to inspire the rest of the force. Keep him close to the bulk of the force, to prevent units from routing. With a small, elite force, keeping your units on the field will be your largest priority. Make sure that they support each other and avoid letting them get isolated and surrounded by more numerous foes. With the remaining points, I’m going to give the Molochs Dwarven Ale, which will grant them Headstrong. This will make sure that their lower nerve isn’t a problem that holds them back. So, the final force look like this:

Lower Abyssals Regiment


120 points 120 points
Flamebearers Troop


105 points 225 points
Molochs Regiment


130 points 355 points
Dwarven Ale


10 points 365 points
Abyssal Champion


135 points 500 points

This force is a suggestion, so you can change it however you please. Maybe take an army based entirely on Succumb, or Flamebearers lead by Efreet. The choice is yours!

Later in the week, we’ll be revisiting this army to turn it into a much larger force. Stay tuned!

The Forces of the Abyss Starter Force and Abyssal Champion are available for pre-order now and will be shipping at the end of February! This list was written using the rules found in the Kings of War Rulebook, which includes the full rules for the Forces of the Abyss!

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