The origins of the Abyss can be traced back into the early history of Mantica, for they are intertwined with the calamitous events that have sundered the world.


At a time when the world was still young, the Celestians walked amongst mortals. They were beings of almighty power, varied and wise beyond reckoning. They aided the races of Mantica, but stayed apart from them as a whole. Some worshipped them as gods. It is from these beings that the Abyss was born.

The events that led to the Celestians’ downfall is a story unto itself. The consequences were terrible and far reaching – each of the Celestians was shattered into two beings; one good, one evil. However, both of these was erratic – living with only half of a mind. In an instant, the whole world was thrown in to war. War upon war was fought. Shining ones and wicked ones destroyed each other or tried to re-join with their opposing selves.


The mortal races, caught in the middle of this conflict, were divided. Some fought alongside the shining ones to destroy the new evil, some killed in the name of the wicked ones, finally set loose with their power, most fought simply for survival. This continued for centuries. Kingdoms were levelled, whole races were killed and new dark being created to fight.
After an age of unimaginable bloodshed, Domivar the Unyielding, the son of Mescator, the shining one of justice and Laria, the human High Counsul of Primovantor, fought for the fate of the world. As armies clashed on the ground, he duelled in the sky with Oskan, the Father of Lies. Oskan was first among the wicked ones – some even claimed that he was responsible for the shattering itself.

After a titanic melee, Domivar tore Oskan’s Black Axe from his grasp. With it, he cut a great rent in the tortured ground. Into this infernal chasm he cast the remaining wicked ones – including Oskan – before perishing as his divine might was finally spent.


The mark left in the earth would never heal. It bleeds and writhes with the torment and hatred of those trapped inside. The wicked ones constantly plot their dominion over the mortal world and this malice seeps out of the earth surrounding them. This place is the Abyss, the centre of all evil in Mantica. Corrupted being are drawn here like moths to a flame. Orcs roam around the edges of the chasm, whilst Abyssal Dwarfs raise their fortresses at either end. Men, elves and other creatures gather also, drawn to the whispers of dark power, or captured as slaves.

When the constellations are in alignment and the power of the wicked ones waxes strong, their infernal legions march forth. Cackling and spiteful devils march alongside muscled behemoths. These demons are lead by the foulest of their number, second only to the trapped gods themselves. They are the Forces of the Abyss and the world screams in their wake.


This is an abridged background of the Forces of the Abyss form the Kings of War Rulebook! If you fancy leading the Forces of the Abyss to war, they are available to pre-order now!

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