If you want to add some specialists to your Strike Team, then the Forge Father Faction Booster contains everything you need. With everything from Valkyrs to Stormrage Veterans, your force will be able to bring some heavy hitters to the tabletop.


This box is all about the Brokkrs! There are three Brokkr troopers, a specialist with a Magma Rifle and a Brokkr Chief – enough for you to field a Strike Team made exclusively from Brokkrs. There are also two Brokkr Engineers, who can disarm booby traps and control the powerful equipment that these miners bring to the field. The Brokkrs themselves are great in close combat and a can be upgraded to carry Forge Hammers, while the Chief is a strong fighter and commander, who can be used to help your Brokkrs find the bets of the loot.


The Inferno Drill is a powerful range weapon. Remotely controlled by Brokkr Engineers, it is mounted with a mining laser. It has a massive range and punch through all but the most dense armour. Having it’s own heavy plating, its very survivable in its own right. Think of it as a Forge Father sniper – simply place it somewhere with a good line of fire and have it pick off tough targets. There’s also a second Engineer with a Bomb Bot – a remote control explosive that can be driven towards enemies before detonating with tremendous effect.brokkr-biker-isoThe ‘Valkyr’ Brokkr Biker is the fastest unit in the Forge Father Faction. use them to sweep forward and take objectives, or to take your opponent by surprise. With its Twin Hailstorm Rifles it can lay down a torrent of fire, with armour piercing, like other Hailstorm weapons, whilst having enough armour to survive the inevitable backlash.


In addition to the Brokkrs, there is an extra set of Steel Warrior sprues, that can be used to make five Steel Warriors or Stormrage Veterans with heavy weapons, with components to upgrade one to a Steel Warrior Huscarl. You can assemble your models with Hailstorm Rifles, Dragon’s Breath Flamers, a Mjolnir Missile Launcher, a Hailstorm Autocannon or a Magma Cannon. There’s also a Forge Hammer and Hailstorm Pistol for the Huscarl, plus loads of extra components to customise your models.


If you are interested in getting a Forge Father Faction Starter and Faction Booster, then the Forge Father Army bundle contains both for these, with a free Helfather mercenary to add to your force. This will give you more than enough troops and options to build a full Campaign Army for Deadzone, or a substantial force for use in either Warpath or Warpath Firefight.

The Forge Father Faction Starter, Forge Father Faction Booster and Forge Father Army bundle are available to pre-order now! These will be released in all good hobby stores at the end of May!


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