The Forge Father Faction Starter is the perfect way to start collecting a force for Deadzone. It has a wide variety of Troops, Specialists and leaders, that can be cherry picked for individual engagements, or drafted together into a Campaign Army.

The Steel Warriors are the core troops for the Forge Fathers. They’re expensive in terms of points, but are skilled, well-armoured and carry Hailstorm rifles – one of the best basic weapons in the game. this set comes with ten – two sets of five. That might seem like a lot for a game of Deadzone, but the sprue also comes with options to build Specialists and Leaders.


Using this sprue, you can build a Steel Warrior Huscarl and Stormrage Veterans, on top of the core Steel Warriors. the Stormrage Veterans can be armed with either Dragon’s Breath Flamers, Hailstorm Autocannons, Magma Cannons or Mjolnir Missile Launchers. There’s also a heap of extra components including ornate armour, grenades, open helmets and more!


A set of six Forge Guard add some real punch to your force. You can build these with their standard (yet powerful) loadout of a Hailstorm Rifle and Forge Hammer, or upgrade them with either a Mjolnir Missile Launcher, Hailstorm Autocannon or Magma Cannon. One of the models is a Forge Guard Huscarl – a powerful leader who can reduce the effectiveness of enemy weapons, as well as surviving an obscene amount of punishment.brokkr-troop-isoBrokkrs are close combat Specialists. What they lack in range and armour they make up for in melee. With Frenzy (1) and the ability to take Forge Hammers, they are not to be under estimated. The Faction Starter comes with four of these models, one of which is a Brokkr Specialist armed with an armour-busting Magma Rifle.


The Forge Father Faction Starter is a available to pre-order now and will be shipping at the end of May

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