Free rules now available for Kings of War: Third Edition

14th Apr 2020

Rob Burman

It’s a VERY exciting day today because we are releasing the free rules for Kings of War: Third Edition! Although Kings of War: Third Edition took the wargaming world by storm last October, we know there are some of you out there (we’re looking at you, you and you) that still haven’t quite got round to reading the rules and giving it a go. With the free rules now available, you haven’t got an excuse!

All this week, we’ll have plenty more Kings of War content – so if you’re just starting out on your Kings of War journey, there’s never been a better time.


Some of you may be here because you’ve heard of Kings of War but aren’t quite sure what it is. Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell anyone. Kings of War is a mass battle fantasy wargame that does away with a lot of the fiddly bits from other mass battle games. The streamlined rules mean that games can be played in an hour or two (rather than a whole afternoon) and the straightforward gameplay means you can concentrate on the most important thing: CRUSHING YOUR OPPONENT WITH SUPREME TACTICAL BRILLIANCE.

One of the really unique elements of Kings of War is that when units take damage, you don’t have to mess about removing individual models (seriously, who has time for that?). Instead you track damage and the more damage a unit has taken, the higher the chance they’ll flee from the battle. Because individual models aren’t removed one-by-one, it means you can ‘multibase’ models into larger troops, regiments, hordes or legions. This means it’s much easier to transport your army and you can create some awesome mini dioramas for each unit.

Now… here’s the big secret. The fact that Kings of War uses multibases means you can dust off those old square-based Fantasy miniatures you’ve got sitting on a shelf somewhere and use them in Kings of War. Simply purchase the appropriate movement trays and gather up your minis, then away you go. INSTANT ARMY!


In the free rules, you’ll find starter lists for orcs and dwarfs. Why orcs and dwarfs? Well, a lot of people have these classic fantasy armies in their collection so will be able to dig them out and finally get them back on the tabletop.

In the full rulebook, you’ll find other traditional fantasy factions, like goblins, elves, ogres and undead. These battle alongside some of the more unique armies in Kings of War, like the twisted Nightstalkers, pious Basileans, semi-aquatic Trident Realm of Neritica, frosty Northern Alliance and the wicked Forces of the Abyss.

There’s a handy guide to each of these armies here. Plus, you can browse the stats for the other armies on EasyArmy. This is our army building website that allows you to build your list and check out the different armies. It’s totally free to use but there’s also a paid version that offers more features, like saving up to 100 lists, giving each unit unique names and more. You can view EasyArmy here.


Along with the orc and dwarf starter armies, you’ll also find the core rules. These explain the three key phases of the game:

Movement Phase – does what it says on the tin, really. Movement is absolutely key in Kings of War though, as you carefully position your units to give you the upper hand when it comes to combat. It’s also super simple, thanks to multibasing. You’ll have your entire army moved in a matter of minutes.

Ranged Phase – death from above! Learn how to shoot your opponent off the tabletop. The Ranged Phase covers standard ranged weapons like bows, alongside mighty war engines and powerful magical spells. That’s right, there’s no specific ‘magic phase’, instead everything is quickly performed in the Ranged Phase.

Melee Phase – now it’s time to smash face. Hopefully, if you’ve done everything right in the movement phase, it’s time to shout CHAAAAAAARGE! and clash against your opponent in fierce close-ranged battle. Imagine the clanging of swords against shields, as you roll for victory. You should totally listen to this as you roll.

Once you’ve got to grips with the three phases, the free rules also cover things like war engines, how to build your army and special abilities. Of course, that’s only a taste of the Kings of War experience and in the full rulebook you’ll find magical artefacts, spells, 12 scenarios and full army lists for 14 factions.


In the current lockdown, we realise it’s not easy to get your gaming fix. However, it is the perfect time to look through the rules and start planning your army. Then you can pick up an army box or mega army from the Mantic website, before building and painting your chosen force.

By the time the lockdown is over, you’ll emerge triumphant with a completed army ready to take your local gaming club or hobby shop by storm. People will be amazed by your achievement and will worship you like some sort of hobby god, as they gaze in slack-jawed wonder at your fully painted army*. In fact, there’s probably never been a better time to start or finally finish that Kings of War army you’ve always dreamed about.


Why are you still even reading this? By now you should have downloaded the free rules and already be planning how you will crush your opponents. Check the link below for details on how to download (you will need to create a website account before downloading).


Once you’ve downloaded the free rules, we’re pleased to announce that (for a short time only), the core rulebook and Gamer’s Edition are currently reduced in price. This means you can get the full Kings of War experience, particularly if you go for the hardback, which features the history of Pannithor and plenty of lore about each faction.

* we totally cannot guarantee any of this will happen

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