In 3 more month, Mantic’s second biggest U.S. con will be happening in Indianapolis, IN! What does that mean for you people? It means Mantic will be in the vendor room again, this time with a bigger booth but the same handsome people!

Not only that, but all the great stuff from Mantic will be there. Dwarves, dwarves, dwarves! Abyssal and non. Deadzone will be available in full force along with all that great terrain in the Battlzone boxes. Two words for most! Forge Fathers! For Deadzone! If that isn’t enough Dreadball too
will be making an appearance.

xtreme-lead-imageWhat’s that you say? Is that it? For the love of Pete! No! This year at Gen Con we have many Mantic run events.

Starting with Dreadball, –  the Second annual Gen Con cup will be held on Friday August 15th. The tournament starts at 9am.

Next up is Kings of War: Come and Learn to Play events run every day of the convention between 8am to 10pm with the exception of Saturday night where it will end at 8pm because…..

At 8pm the Kings of War BIG battle starts and will end at miKings of War Logodnight-ish. All materials will be provided for the come and play events as well as the BIG Battle but feel free to bring your own army to make the battle even bigger!

If that isn’t enough there will be Deadzone demos throughout the day. Come show up and play an extended demo of Deadzone. If you already know how to play then sign up for our Deadzone 4 hour campaign. In this campaign you’ll play a time sensitive, 3 scenario campaign. This is a 4 player campaign! All material will be provided for all events.

RDeadzone terrain setegistration for all events open on May 18th at noon but you can go to the Gen Con website ( and either download the events catalog or search their online catalog for all Mantic events and their times!

Stop by the booth! Come say hi to Ronnie, myself and all the other great people at Mantic!

See you in 3 months!

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