Allright, allright, allright. It’s been two weeks since we wrapped up Gen Con 2019. So let’s recap the event!

Tuesday saw myself and the non UK residents setting up the booth as per usual with Ronnie and his entourage coming in Wednesday evening.

With all the hard work done, Ronnie can show up.

Thursday saw a huge rush to the booth with everyone trying to grab either a Hellboy Kickstarter box, Box of Evil or the ever elusive Nimue. This little darling sold out within a hour.


The rest of the convention there was plenty of Hellboy, Terrain Crate and Star Saga to be had. There may or may not have been League figures floating about the cabinets.

Well there they are….

The Kings of War: Vanguard Undead boxes were also gone by about Saturday.

Rob “Starmaster” Harper
Terrain Crate

As with everything else everyone was jumping in the Hellboy demos whenever they could. Without a doubt, Hellboy was a strong release at Gen Con.

Demoing Hellboy!

If you thought the Exhibitor Hall was hopping. Let chat about the Events Hall. As always, with the help of our awesome Pathfinders we are able to put on some great events. From Learn to Plays to special Gen Con scenarios, we try to cover as much as we can based on demand.

Mantic Event HQ
Wargame Events
Board Game Events

This year the never tiring Mike Carter and Keith Ambrose ran some of Learn to Play Kings of War, Vanguard and Warpath.

There were also two Kings of War tournaments, the Kings of Gen Con and the How You Use It tournament.

Game On!
I better not lose….to an old guy…..

Not forgetting the other games, we had a Gen Con special scenarios for Hellboy and Here’s Negan. We even brought back by big demand The Walker Challenge for The Walking Dead: All Out War.

For the Dreadball die hard, Crazy A ran a six player Ultimate Dreadball game plus the General Control Cup tournament. Rob Burman even asked for time off so he could play in that tournament. Let is be said the Pharoah is a fair and just ruler.

Last but not least Pathfinder Blake and company brought out the Kings of War Big Game with 10000 points a side. WHEW!

Hellboy: The A-Team
Here’s Negan is no laughing matter.
So many zombies….

That was just the fun in the convention center! Saturday night rolled around and we had our 10th anniversary celebration at Kingsmakers by having a Mantic Open Night. Plenty of games were played. A special demonic dice game. The League may or may not have been talked about. Doomball and Dungeon Saga: Bar Room Brawl were played as well as Vanguard demos and two sessions of the Kings of War RPG were run for those that wanted to test out the beta.

Ronnie went around and chatted with all the patron at their tables with a special one on one. Many questions were asked and answered.

The attendees
Kings of War RPG one shot!
Doomball ready to go!
The Ronnie in his natural habitat!
That damn hat!
Time for everyone to go home….
The next 10 year plan.

So with that the best show Mantic has ever had closed. I’d just like to give a special shout out to everyone who came to help and make the convention run smooth and be as awesome as it could be.

Also another big shout out to all the Pathfinders who slowly make Mantic a household name as shows and at their LFGS. You guys do me proud!

Lastly, to the Mantic fan base. From a sprue of elves to a box of killer Undead models, we at Mantic thank you for your patronage. We couldn’t have made it 10 years without you. On to the next hotness….Kings of War 3rd Edition!

The best group of volunteers any Pharaoh can ask for.
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