Hello my friends.  So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been in a bit of a conundrum.  At past Gen Cons we’ve held our annual Mantic Open Night Gen Con at the Colts Grille.  For some unexplained reason the owners of the Colts Grille closed its doors to the public leaving us stranded in the rain staring longingly through the windows where games, booze and fun was to be had.

So after many phone calls and inquiries, the only solution that I could come up with was to hold Mantic Open Night at the Events Hall on Saturday night  where all the Mantic events are during the day.  So come on down to Hall B to the Mantic HQ where we will still be able to play games but we won’t have the luxury of having drinks and food available to us.  Since there won’t be food readily available to us, I’ve decided to start Open Night just a little bit later to accommodate people leaving to go get dinner.  So we will be starting Mantic Open night at 8:30pm and will run till about 11-12.

  • So come one down and challenge the man with a dress*, Andy Meechan from HQ, who says he will take on any suckers in a game of Kings of War, 750pts!  Those that win will get bragging rights on all the Facebook pages.
  • Next up is Martin Thirlwell from HQ, who thinks no one can beat him in a game of Deadzone especially a bunch of no good dirty rebels!  No taxation without representation!
  • Ronnie Renton will be on hand this time as his presence was sorely missed at AdeptiCon.  So come shake hands with the man himself.
  • Community Pat will be there but he’s not that important but say hi to him anyways.

So if you didn’t get into any of the Unhappy Campers for The Walking Dead: All Out War, we will have that scenario set up for people to play.

Survival of the Fastest makes an appearance again with a newly redesigned track with some special surprises.

New to Mantic Open Night will be a Mawbeast Roundup, command your goblin herders to herd as many Mawbeast into the corral without getting eaten, and the new Dungeon Saga: Bar Room Brawl!  “Watch who push bro!”

Remember Hall B, see the interactive map for placement.  SEE YOU THERE ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!

*- it’s a kilt!, Andy**

**- it’s a dress,  Pat***

***- you’re thinking of a SKIRT (and then only if it had a hem). A dress would cover my top. I use woad for that., Andy



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