16th Jul 2018

Pat "Chopper" Lewis

,Allright, allright, allright!  We’re just around the corner from one of the largest gaming convention in the world so let’s do a recap on what Mantic has going on this year!


Kings of War/Warpath

This years events starts with a ton of Kings of War Learn to Play events.  You looking to get into King of War but you’re sitting on the fence. Jump in a Learn to Play and have Mike Carter show you the sexiness of Kings of War.  All materials are provided for the Learn to Play events. Throughout the whole weekend we will also be hosting a Kings of War Big Game.  This is a giant board that consist of 2 armies at 10000 points a side.  Swing by and grab a couple of regiments and play some Kings of War! Not a fantasy player?  More of a sci fi player? We have Warpath: Learn to Play events to get you into the Warpath Universe. Jump into one of these events and see what a great game Warpath is.

The Walking Dead

For all you Walking Dead Fans, we have the return of Unhappy Campers. This scenario sees you either taking your survivor band to rescue Sophia or sees you preventing Sophia from returning to her friends, but watch out for Crazy Reggie!  You never know where he’ll turn up.  This year we have a giant Walking Dead game called The Walking Dead: Walker Challenge.  This event sees you controlling one of eight heroes competing to gather three supplies while surrounded by hordes of zombies in a free for all battle.  Can you be the one get your much needed supplies and get out of the hot zone without getting bitten or shot in the back by your opponents?

Star Saga

Those of you who are a big fan of Star Saga, you’re not forgotten.  We have a special Gen Con scenario, Prison Extraction.   In this scenario you’re going to play one of four heroes, who have made some bad decisions. Now they have to do a “favor” for Blaine.  This favor finds you in a subterranean prison doing something your probably wouldn’t be doing if you had a choice. This scenario will feature a 3d board where the map is revealed as you enter new areas.


Want to learn to play some Dreadball but don’t have a lot of time, then the Dreadball 3v3 event is for you.  Based on 3v3 half court basketball, this version of Dreadball provides you with a fast game where your team consists of three players, and play is confined to half the pitch.  This will allow new players to experience the game without the clutter of too many players on the pitch and moves the game at a faster pace for an already fast game. Can you coach your team to a victory only using three players?



This years tournaments start on Friday with General Control Cup.  This is the 4th year for the Dreadball tournament and is a NADC qualifier which allows you a free spot at the NADC National Championships.  This tournaments starts at 9am.

Saturday brings us The Kings of Gen Con Kings of War tournament.  This tournament features differing army point values per round.  Each round increases the point value of your army.  This event is hosted by the Ohio War Kings.

Also happening on Saturday is the first annual Walking Dead: All Out War tournament.  This is a 100 point survivor band tournament.  Will Negan rule the day?  Will Rick brood before winning? Will a no name survivor take all?

Exhibitor Booth

This year we’re back in black!  Booth #835!  Let’s talk about what we got going for the booth.

Come by and try out our new Walking Dead game.  If you came to Mantic Open Night at AdeptiCon, then you were treated to a preview of this awesome new board game. We’ll have it to try out here at booth 835.  Not only that we’ll have Hellboy: The Board Game to look at!

Gen Con will be the release day of Terrain Crate!  A giant line of fantastic fantasy terrain.  The sets range from a wizards study to a dwarf mine.  Piles of gold and gems to a tavern.  These pieces are great to spruce up your D&D or Pathfinder game.  Dungeon Saga’s dungeon doors and furniture have been a great hit and Terrain Crate just blows the doors off.  Get a Dungeon Depths set, $80, and receive a Terrain Crate Mini Set for free.

Looking for more Walking Dead: All Out War?  Grab a Core set, an expansion of your choice and any 6 boosters of your choice for $150.  This years show exclusive model is Peg Leg Dale.  Supplies are limited so come grab yours before they run out.

Star Saga core set are marked down to $50 for Gen Con only and Dungeon Saga and any two expansion are bundled for $130.

As always we offer free shipping to Gen Con for any purchase on the webstore.  Just add the Ship to Gen Con button to your cart.


Mantic Open NIght

Saturday night sees the return of Mantic Open Night. Starting Saturday night at 8pm at the Hard Rock Cafe in the backstage room.  Get your ticket for this event on the Mantic Webstore.  The cost is $30 and you’ll get a vehicle of your choice, a drink ticket good for any drink at the hosted bar, and random goodies from Mantic plus choice items from Ironheart Artisan and Outrider Hobbies.

Grab some dinner while you’re there and have a chat with Community Pat, Ronnie Renton, Rob Burman, and Dreadball aficionado Martin Thirlwell.  Who know maybe even Crazy Bobby might drive down from Detroit.

After dinner there will be a short Q&A with the guys that talk funny and the one guy who talks normal.  From there we move on to the fun stuff.  Hellboy: The Board Game will be on hand to play and try out before the close of the pledge manager on the Monday following Gen Con. The new Walking Dead game will also be on had to play.  Come and see what coming down the pipe from Mantic before everyone else does!