The Forge Father Sturnhammer Battle Tank will start shipping on August 18th, so we thought we would take a closer look at this mighty machine.

The Sturnhammer is assessed by Corporation Central Military analysts to be probably the best main battle tank currently employed amongst alien races. Carrying a Heavy Hailstorm Cannon turret as standard, the Sturnhammer’s intricately engineered target control system makes it capable of a rate of accurate fire at a range that is the envy of even Enforcer Commanders. This also often makes a Sturnhammer a target of high priority in battle, but its armour is at least as technically advanced as its weaponry, shurgging off all but the most powerful and well placed incoming shots.

The hard plastic Sturnhammer kit is a must-have for any Forge Father commander looking to expand their forces in Warpath or Firefight. The detailed kit includes optional parts to build several different loadouts, including:

  • Sturnhammer Hagall Pattern Battle Tank – this features a Hailstorm Rifle and Heavy Hailstorm Cannon
  • Sturnhammer Hata Pattern Battle Tank – this features a Hailstorm Rifle and Heavy Magma Cannon
  • Brandr Urban Assault Vehicle – armed with an assault ram and Heavy Dragonbreath Flamer (perfect for clearing out enemy troops camping in cover)
  • There’s also the option to ignore the weapons altogether and make a Drakkar APC (or you can order the Drakkar APC separately without the guns)

Forge Father Sturnhammer Battel Tank

The Sturnhammer Battle Tank will be available in stores or from the Mantic Games website from August 18th, and you can pick one up from GenCon next week… or even better, grab three for the bargain price of $100!

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