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7th Nov 2023

Dan Mapleston

Hi everyone, it’s an exciting time here at Mantic!

With Clash of Kings shipping from today, shiny new Enforcer units in early December, and WARPATH on the horizon, it’s very easy to forget about the unsung hero of all our greatest miniature battles – the tabletop itself!

Well, fear not – that’s why Terrain Crate was invented – to bring your battlefields to life! These sets cover a huge mix of settings, and are full of all kinds of characterful and immersive terrain pieces.

Planning out a new table is one of the really exciting projects in the hobby – we don’t get to do it very often, so you can really savour it as a cool opportunity! Have you got a new army in mind that would look awesome on a themed battlefield? Or do you want to build a battlefield to suit your favourite army when they go into battle? Either way, read on for some cool ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Build It And They Will Come

We love model buildings. From ruined fantasy shacks to sci-fi skycrapers, you can really let your imagination run riot. They are also excellent large pieces of blocking terrain that quickly make any battlefield look awesome!

Put an outpost, village, or ruins on your table and suddenly we have a great opportunity to build the narrative – what happened here, and what was left behind that’s worth fighting over? The Terrain Crate range contains all kinds of buildings for you to get stuck into, some of which are fully modular.

Mind Over Scatter

With some buildings in place, it’s then the scatter terrain that can really bring these scenes to life. Maybe it’s piles of ammunition boxes left from a desperate last stand, or the village square, or a hastily-assembled barricade to slow down the enemy…

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Now, not every battle takes place in a nice neat town square, or even among ruins. Sometimes, battle commences out in the splendour of nature!

That might be a hostile alien jungle, a pleasant stroll in the country side, or a zombie-infested campsite. You can let your imagination decide…

The Rolling Zones

We love painting/texturing a great big bit of MDF, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just turn any table into a battlefield in seconds? Well, these days you can with our range of excellent mats. Made of lovely full-colour neoprene with a grippy rubber reverse, these mats also come complete with a carry bag for storage, and perfect for transporting to clubs or tournament games.

So, what will you build?

Check out the sci-fi range here

Check out the fantasy range here

Check out the modern range here

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Sci-Fi Terrain: Ruined City

Humanity fights wars on many fronts across the stars. As quickly as a new colony and infrastructure are established, it is ruined or abandoned to alien incursions. Many armies still fight over these collapsing structures, relying on what little cover they can provide. Knowing that they have been abandoned, too.

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Ruined Village

These crumbling stone structures can be used to show the remnants of an ancient settlement or the burned-out site of a recent orc raid. The walls feature windows and doorways and can be assembled in a wide variety of different configurations, so you can create ruins to suit any gaming table!

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City Battle

This set contains 680 pieces and allows you to construct a huge range of modern day buildings that will provide plenty of cover for a 6’x 4’ area (or a 4’x4’ area of dense modern terrain, suitable for post-apocalyptic or historical games.)

It contains a mix of modular intact and ruined Battlezones scenery tiles and several sets of accessories, including stop signs, bins, fences, fuse boxes and other details. You can expand this scenery set using other kits from Mantic’s Battlezones Tile System.

Also compatible with the most popular superhero skirmish game. Terrain Sizes: 1, 3, 4, 5

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted in coloured plastic.


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Sci-Fi Terrain: Otherworld Forest

16 pieces of detailed and ready-to-paint PVC terrain.

This set of modular trees has an alien mushroom theme, and can easily be combined with other sets to create a visually stunning battlefield, for fantasy and sci-fi gaming alike. Modular parts have 5mm holes for magnets (not supplied), for gamers that wish to recombine their trees for each game!

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Battlefield Fences & Hedges

Many fantasy battles are fought over abandoned farmsteads and hastily erected defences. This set includes fences, hedges, archers’ stakes, and signposts. These are perfect as obstacles for Kings of War or any other fantasy battle game.

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Crystal Peaks Camp

Whether it belongs to wayward teenagers ignoring the warnings about the local forest, or experienced explorers in inhospitable climates, this well-equipped campsite comes with both intact and destroyed supplies and tents for your characters.


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6ft x 4ft Otherworld Neoprene Battle Mat + Carry Bag

A great alien-world-themed, neoprene battle mat – perfect for both sci-fi and fantasy wargaming.

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6ft x 4ft Fantastic Fantasy Neoprene Battle Mat + Carry Bag

A great natural, rock and scrub-themed, neoprene battle mat – perfect for both sci-fi and fantasy wargaming.

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